A week in the world of photos: 15 — 22 April

April 15. Riot police beat members of the "March of Dissent" in St. Petersburg

April 15. Celebrating 95 kgodkav birthday of Kim Il Sung, Pyongyang

April 16. Indian President Abdul Kalam meets President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko Divide in

April 16. Iraqis in Basra, demanding the resignation of the Governor

April 16. Supporters of Ukrainian opposition presidential residence near

April 16. Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko during a press conference

April 16. Polish President Lech Kaczynski and Gruha Misha Saakashvili in the museum of the Russian occupation of Georgia, Tbilisi

April 16. Students of the Technical Institute of Virginia, where he waskilled about 32 people

April 17. Journalists watch on TV for municipal auction firm Yukos, Our homeland

April 17. Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko and President of European Commission in Brussels Zh.M.Barozu

April 17. Before the Constitutional Court of Ukraine, Kiev

April 17. Previous manager "Yukos" in Alexei Kutsyn in court, Moscow

April 17. U.S. President George Bush during a visit to the crash site at the Technical Institute of Virginia

April 17. Honoring the victims of the disaster at the Technical Institute of Virginia, USA

April 18. Michel Platini says voting results between countries-candidates for the European football championship in 2012

April 18. After the explosion in Baghdad

April 18. President of the Constitutional Court of Ukraine makes its way through a lot of fans of the opposition, Kyiv

April 18. Killer of 32 people at the Technical Institute in Virginia Cho Hee Scion on videotape acquired TV NBC-Sea few days after the disaster

April 19. Grandmother Paraska — sign of the Orange Revolution — speaking at a rally of the opposition to the Constitutional Tribunal, Kiev

April 19. Kyrgyz police disperse opposition rally in Bishkek

April 20. Office workers "Coca-Cola" demand wage increases, St. Petersburg

April 21. Student demonstration in Tehran against the construction of a dam in that can sink archaeological monuments in the country

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