Abkhazia should be recognized as soon as possible

The Supreme Court held the consideration of claims of unregistered candidates to the House of Representatives to the Central Election Commission. Calls to this topic:
Alexander Lapitsky: "The Emperor Alexander Lukashenko, You must immediately removed from the job Chairman of the Central Election Commission Yermoshina and employees. Yarmoshina admitted that they refused to register it Lahviniec candidate to parliament for what he criticized the work of the CEC."

Lahviniec register him as a candidate for parliament for what he criticized the work of the CEC

Man: "It seems that some who favor the continuation and role in the election campaign, at odds with the logic. They they say that they will be kept under control and record violations. And who will stop for you to do the same, if you are not candidate, if there are any observers? But clear on what distance are sitting observers from the tables where the votes are counted. How then can keep under control? Only howl that there were violations. So really, no sense in this participation no. "
Expression Editor public comments this week on Radio Liberty Sergei Salash:
"As for the boycott, there is representation divided. And candidates who are registered, you can realize. Many different reasons can influence their desire to continue to participate in the election campaign. I’m sure which can be try within the existing political system, the electoral legislation to track the campaign. And some conclusions on the specific steps we can do. "
Continuing the theme of the election — the question of the student:
Man: "Through you, I wish to appeal to a candidate for deputy Olga Kazulina. Pochetaemaya Olga, as a candidate for the House of Representatives at the meetings you have with your future voters, of course, says how you will fight for their happiness and prosperity. In connection with this, me to a question for you. What do you think about your own statements, made four months back the correspondent of Radio Liberty, when you fought for the liberation of his own father? Naturally, the love of the Pope — is sacred. But then told "Liberty" you said that economic sanctions against Belarus is not enough, you need to enter Belarus against the economic blockade. Can you imagine how many millions of Belarusians really would have suffered from the introduction of an economic blockade? Lukashenko would then not hurt. Want to hear your response. Thank you. "
Candidate answers the question in the House of Representatives Olga Kozulin:
"We wish to thank you for this question because it is burning. Yet to be political prisoners in Belarus and Lukashenko will be traded until political prisoners need to do everything to make it pause. Economic blockade it will not tolerate because it meant to him the loss of power. A power to it — the most precious thing when he read that he would protect her with a gun in his hands. ‘Cause he would not allow that would separate him from his post. And under no circumstances are we talking about, that imposed sanctions in force against Belarusian people. "

Abkhazia should be recognized as soon as possible

Continuing program from SMS message from the Emperor Henry of Vileika who writes: "Emperor-off, continue their chants, i have this talent a noble occupation. Either appreciative listener." Further calls on various topics:
Ilya Kopil, Minsk: "Abkhazia is necessary to recognize possible faster. And not for nothing, and to bargain for the recognition of 10-15 km of the Black Sea coast. There can be build several holiday resorts Belarusian officials who are denied visas to western countries. "
Man: "It is clearly seen that Alexander G. did not lose hope and seeks to favorites Russia. So that Medvedev and Putin should be vigilant, otherwise it will show all the" get off my mother. "
Lady: "Yeah, languid material conditions, war, destruction, can encourage people to drink. But the world is full of examples where this is not happening. Mark at least the same Chechnya or Palestine. Belarusians solder specifically. Business of the most profitable drugs. Here without the intervention of the authorities to solve the problem of never. Why it is silent and why it is profitable, who profit from the failure of our nation — is another question. "
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