Access to disk imaging may further limit

Experts Belarusian Association of Journalists Comment out more controversial articles of the bill "On disk imaging, Informatization and Protection of disk imaging."
Misha Shepherds "Activities country becomes uncontrollable Society and Media"
Managing Legal Resource Centre Media BAJ, the Constitutional Court last referee Mike Shepherds first focuses on the fact that in the 58 articles of the bill 109 references to other regulations:
"These references to legislation and a very wide range of disk imaging limited distribution will lead to the fact that over time, state agencies, bureaucrats declare: no free disk imaging. And by pressing services will be one answer: I am sorry, but this information is official or limited distribution and we it for you can not give.

M. Pastukhou: "On the part of press services is one answer: I am sorry, but this information is proprietary and we have for you it can not give."

Practically, the activities of the country will become uncontrollable society and the media. I think, just in negative consequences such bill. Although it is possible to realize the enthusiasm and the Belarusian authorities: to establish full control over all streams disk imaging "- says Misha Shepherds.
Who will make the control?
It clarifies the sovereign Shepherds seriousness purposes confirms a list of structures that will produce governance in this area.
Top of the pyramid — the president. Him — the Council of Ministers. The third position is occupied not so long ago made Civic Center security of the Presidency. By the way, the main purpose of the statutory activities of this structure — the protection of disk imaging, which falls under the municipal or official secret.
Customer law — Ministry of Communications
According to professionals, there is a danger that will be implemented a long-standing threat to the authorities to censor the network.
Indirectly confirms that the fact that the customer law the Ministry of Communications. A departments and subordinate "Beltelecom" are kept under control ISPs work in Belarus. Distinctive example — Andrei Klimov detention policy for an article posted on the website of the Joint civilian party.
Andrei Bastunets: several rules focused on control of the web
Lawyer says Legal Resource Centre Media BAJ Andrei Bastunets:
"This bill has several provisions that is not something that responsibility in the web install (it exists and so) and are focused on it to take the Internet space, information resources under control.
That’s the point where talking about of mandatory "identifiable individuals" involved in the information exchange with the introduction of information networks. It is very severe requirement.

A.Bastunets: "That point where talking about of mandatory" identifiable individuals "involved in the information exchange."

While it is written, it can be foreseen, but the conditions in order to such control was established. This concerns the spread of disk imaging, which can now be distributed anonymously role in forums, distribution of electrical short messages, etc. . "
Are independent spetsy rely that their voice be heard: April 10 House of Representatives they sent a package of comments and suggestions to the bill.

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