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Valeria Novodvorskaya was born in 1950 in Baranavichy. She studied at the Institute of Foreign Languages named Torrez (before the first arrest), graduated from the Faculty of foreign languages Metropolitan Pedagogical Institute. Student made a clandestine group that considered the possibility of Communist power configuration. In 1969 he was arrested for "anti-Soviet agitation and propaganda." Engaged in samizdat. In Russian Times not once was convicted of dissident activity. In 1988 — the founder of the "Democratic Union". Favorite "Democratic Alliance Russian Federation."
In an interview with Freedom, commenting on the recent actions in Russia, when the police force were dispersed opposition march in Moscow and St. Petersburg, Novodvorskaya said:
"We still have yet to excesses such as" day "for his role in an unauthorized rally, did not happen. Because resilient play, pay a fine of a thousand rubles and selected from the area after 5-6 hours maximum. I do not know which of our elite would agree to such a measure of responsibility, which is used in Belarus. Wishing it was insignificant.
Our homeland "rastreniravanaya" — the last time we had this in the late 80’s, when Gorbachev did not know what to expect from people. And this method takes only unsanctioned rallies "Democratic Alliance". And we were practically alone. "DemRaseya" It was not for us, and was only authorized shares.
Because I say that all these bold, which are now not enough than risk — well, except that give a baton, but it can survive. But if it was, as in Belarus Kasparov would get as many years of his release, as Kozulin company for the riots.
And later, we have these marches are not like Belarus. In Minsk "untainted Democrats" go and demand freedom, and we "Democratic Union" can not join the "March of Dissent", since G» Joint civilian front stuffed there communists and fascists. It is not just the Communists, and any already last Trotskyites, "crimson", like "akeemavtsav" of the Union of Communist Youth. Limonov or, excuse me, with Nazi symbols.
It is very spoils the "March of Dissent" because deprives them of moral purity, ideological integrity and turns it into a messy enough politicians. Such as Kasparov, Kasyanov, Limonov, who forward expose youth. And young people break a rib and Kasyanov completely whole leaves, it has never been detained. And Kasparov after, as in past times in St. Petersburg, he just walked away with their own security, decided to "appear".
So far all we have are not all clean and righteous, as in Belarus. We are here for the same ambitions involved. Even Tipo democratic parties "March of Dissent", like Kasparov, they justify that the reforms we have in the 1990s carried out "wrong", knocked on all rightist alliance, they say, they would have done better. In other words — lie in a simple lie for his own ambition to get somewhere.
But Putin … Putin jealous glory Lukashenko, but hardly necessary to have this honor. He forgets about how far away from him, "Eight." Long live Belarus! "
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