Accomplished online conference with the artist Alexei Marochkin

Alexei Marochkin born March 10, 1940 in the village of clericalism Cherikov district, Mogilev region. Graduated from Vitebsk Pedagogical Institute (1962), the Belarusian Theatre and Art Institute (1972). Taught in the Belarusian Academy of Arts. One of the founders of the art» association "Pursuit." He was a member of the organizing committee Belarusian Popular Front "Revival", made October 19, 1988.
Not so long ago accomplished presentation of the 1st of the last works by the artist — paintings "Area".
In an interview with "Freedom" Alexei Marochkin said:
"On today’s show" Chase "I gave a" cool "product -" For elegant victory, or thugs, "" tear Mindaugas "and" Cry to nowhere. "Just last work — on" integration "of Belarus and Russia. This is my nonconformity — just reaction to what’s happening in Belarus. And "the chief of the country," he provokes such topics. And I allegorically, metaphorically, with the color and drama of sarcasm showing the current situation. "

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