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Reporter: "At the entrance to the central railway station in Minsk you on both sides of the station meets the phrase" walkway to the train. " Meanwhile, on labels indicating the number of platforms, says "train track". For example, in the Grodno region announce "rut."
Announcement: "Fast Train" Minsk-Gomel "is on the fifth way of the third platform."
Reporter: "Even in Last year announced the departure and the arrival of the "through train". A presently question a "train." From the train station in Minsk metro spustsimsya ":
Announcement: "Station" October. "Transition to train Autazavadskaya band."
Reporter: "I ask the people in the subway about why such disparity in whiteRussian language in public places? "
Man: "Not ready to answer so outright."
Lady: "And I all the same. "
At the entrance to the metro meet music producer Vitaly Supranovich:
Supranovich: "In Belarusian language narkomovka there, but there is a certain amount of species tarashkevitsa. Because it turns out that "train" and "train." For there is no unity in the midst of native speakers. "
Announcement: "Pochetaemye passengers. To exclude cases of incidence and travmiravannya while traveling in urban passenger transport, hold the handrails, which are specially provided for this purpose."
Reporter: "At the bus stop meet journalist Victor Martinovic:
Martinovic: "I believe that at least some inherent disorder newest language that just dafarmovvaetstsa."
Reporter: "Towards the music critic is Vytautas Martinenko:
Martinenko: "There is a tradition of gradual Russification. Initially introduced to the coming Russian spelling. After substitute words. After they say that such language is not. "

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