Affects the unity of the ROC on the situation in Belarus?

Thought Association of Churches has appeared in 1980, and dense negotiations in this direction lasted since 2003, says a representative of the Belarusian Exarchate, Archimandrite Alexis Shinkevich. Signing of the contract he calls a very fundamental event in the life of the church:
"For us it is very, very positive development in the life of the church in the XXI century. I believe that the quality of life in the church Belarus is will have such a significant impact. But the general mood will be very decent, solemn. "
Russian Orthodox Church Abroad Russian emigres made plain in time of war. Then Patriarch Tikhon said that the church will operate separately until such time as the church in Russia do not get rid "of the atheist government."
By Archimandrite Alexei Shinkevich in this issue controversy has not been resolved:
"Biggest contradiction — it is a question of fact, that the church has always stood on the positions of Christ. So that in matters of faith was not any compromises with the authorities. And the second problem — ecumenism when misleading entered Orthodox people, who from the beginning was Orthodox. "
Association of churches and forthcoming cooperation with the Belarusian Exarchate of the Committee for Religious Affairs does not comment. Says Managing Committee of Misha Rybakov:
"In 1-x, it’s their issue, and for this we have no case. Especially since, that the matter has only worked out, and early on read something . "
Priest Autocephalous Orthodox Church in Belarus Leonid Akulovich father believes that the unification of the capital costs zeal to strengthen the impact of patriarchy in the world, and Belarus No there is nothing decent:
"Imperyyalizatsyya and Globalization Capital. Manage virtually the entire Orthodox Church Patriarchate of Constantinople and replace, move the center of Moscow. And for us, Belarusians, as there was no utility, and will not. There was a brotherhood, and will not be — I do not see unfortunately. "
The Belarusian Exarchate rely on what conservatism Church abroad will help to better preserve the age-old church canons. The same conservatism may further separate the Orthodox with other faiths, says the administrator of the church "New Life" Sergei Lukanin:
"The Orthodox Church Abroad — it is more limited than even the Russian Orthodox Church. Church abroad prohibit talking with believers of other faiths, and it is even more severely than in the Orthodox. Wait Because improvements we litsezreem now, you can not."
More optimistic about the union of Orthodox churches looks Catholic philosopher, brother of Peter Dominican Rudkovskii:
"Unexpected configurations, for sure, will not. But evolutionary impact zabugornoy church is likely to be seen. And most likely — in the direction of openness. Indeed there for centuries have developed a tradition in the midst of the existence of other cultures, dialogue with these cultures and intellectual movements. Because I think that the import will be seen and openness in the Belarusian Orthodox Church. "

The Russian Orthodox Church Abroad was formed as a result of civilian war in Russia. In 1919, in Stavropol, where there was a snow-white army was formed Provisional Supreme Church Authority. After the victory of the Red Army brand new church moved first to Turkey, then to Serbia, where in 1921 wason officially announced the development of the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad.
In 1927, this church has torn off all canonical relations with the local church based in Moscow, saying, afterdnyaya is under the control of the wicked Bolsheviks.
Possibility of a reunion came after the fall of the communist government in 1991. In 2000, the Cathedral of the Russian Orthodox Church has ranked the saints of the last Russian Tsar Nicholas II and hundreds of others who have been victims of communist repression.
In September 2003, Russian President Vladimir Putin met in New York with the Head of the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad, Metropolitan Laurus, and invited him to visit Russia. Then, in 2003, two churches formed a commission to create an agreement to merge.

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