Affects whether the mass culture of violence in real life?

This question really interested scientists and appropriate studies were conducted. For example, here is what conclusions the doctor came Keyvin Brown, a forensic psychologist from the English Institute in Birmingham, who has studied the impact of violence in the media on young people.
Violence trained since childhood?
According to the scientist, then, as the impact of violent scenes from popular culture on young people is dependent on the experience that he got people in the first years of life. If a person grew up in a brutal environment, faced with different forms of violence in his own family, the scene of violent videos of news or feature films, will awaken such a person angry.
Moreover, such people can even become addicted to images of violence appear something like drug addiction.
On the other hand, kids who grew up in an atmosphere of cordiality and love, may at some time be interested in movies and games, where there are scenes of violence, but it will pass and will not affect their consciousness. Moreover, the scenes of violence that they see on the screens of computers and monitors, can such people form a strong nepryymanne violence in at least some form of in real life. This applies to all ages, kids, from the till of early adolescence.

"The scenes of violence, murder, such a person sees in the movies, increase his anger."

When people are exposed to violence in childhood — for example, if the family adopted use physical punishment neposlushlivym children — they got the typical experience that violence can solve different problems, and it is likely acceptable way of life. And later, as adults, when such a person gets more power and abilities, it does not preclude the ability of most use violence against other people. A scene of violence, murder, such a person sees in the movies, increase his anger.
But not these shots violence screens do such person brutal. He was already a brutal man, as a result of the environment, the atmosphere, which he spent his childhood. So that the impact of violence on mass culture — the fact that people brutal scenes of violence are increasing anger, but they do not sformirovyvaetsya this anger.
Rage killer of Virginia based on the stages of the militants?
The real point is not much known about his childhood Cho Hee Scion, 23-year-old student who is on this week killed 32 people in a student town in Virginia, but now it was clear that he had sent a day atrocity photos, videos in American company NBC-si.
According to psychologists, of course, that the images sent by the murderer of Virginia on TV, copied from the fact which can be build in popular culture. Dr. Brown Keyvin of England said that he has no hesitation that the pictures and videos sent by the killer, they made under the influence of what he beheld in films with characters like those in any play Arnold Schwarzenegger, Silvester Stallone.

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