After 3 a day or France will elect a president

Leading three
For the presidency of France claims a dozen candidates. But the more popular three: last interior minister, managing the right Union for a Popular Movement Nicolas Sarkozy, Socialist Segolene Royal and past education minister François bar. According to recent polls, would vote for Sakrazi 27 percent of voters in Royal — 23, -19 per bar.
Sarkozy operates favorite image of the hard
According to experts, the campaign is not determined by a single theme, a single plot. Although in some sense become the main theme of the campaign behavior of Sarkozy as Minister of the Interior in 2005, when France shocking mess ethnic immigrants from the Maghreb states.
Then Sarkozy acted by French standards quite emphatically advocated the deportation to their homeland rioters who do not have French nationality. This image of a favorite, which is able to restore order in including and immigration, bend neck offenders last minister uses in his own campaign.
His opponents accuse Sarkozy razdmuhvanni nationalist emotions, associate it with Jean-Marie Le Pen — favorite vltranatsyyanalistychnaga National Front, which in the last presidential election went into the second round.
Certain phenomenon is that the French idea and austerity policies regarding immigrant advocates, who himself is the offspring of immigrants from Hungary. But the French political tradition base civilization — not blood, and spirit, and that reminded Sarkozy during nedavneshney ceremony of French passports immigrant group.
"France does not ask that you have forgotten where you come from. France is not built on erasing personal experience, and solidarity. France is built on the enrichment of their identity through the national identity. Frenchman be for each of you — this is something to enrich themselves rather than what something to lose. "
Sarkozy for free friendship with the U.S.
On the days of the favorite in the presidential race has laid out his vision of international courses in France, saying: "If you want to know who I was closer — to the U.S. or to Russia, which behave because we beheld in Chechnya, I closer to the United States, "- said Sarkozy, adding that France should become a friend of the U.S., but" free friend — specifically a position held General de Gaulle. "
After Jacques Chirac, who led almost anti-American campaign in connection with the war in Iraq, the words in Washington perceive with pleasure, but the link Sarkozy de Gaulle, whose attitude toward America was, to put it mildly, difficult to indicate that France is France.
Royal — for the preservation of the country’s public
Segolene Royal, Sarkozy will increase, both in domestic and economic policy. She advocates a more lenient attitude towards migrants from former French colonies. Not long ago, one of her advisers said that France should apologize for the peoples of the former colonies of colonial oppression.
If Sarkozy stands for tough economic reforms on the Anglo-Saxon standard, the Royal defends the preservation of today’s generous social model country:
"I will be the president of the republic, which guarantees the preservation of our social system, our social model, I will keep our social security and its kansaliduyu, strengthening social protection of the elderly and disabled."
Bar catches favorites
For a long time it seemed that political competition will unfold exactly between Sarkozy and Ruayyal. But in recent months, almost went up sharply popularity rating centrist Francois bar. Now he almost caught favorites. The bar is also in favor of reform, but not so rigid and vseobyatnye as Sarkozy. He strongly emphasizes its origin from rural hinterland, which gives him a lot of votes farmers.
The bar is quite popular in the Parisian suburbs, populated mostly by migrants, with all this centrist candidate remembers that Sarkozy during a trip to one of these areas guarded by 300 policemen.
Experts believe that if the bar will be released in the second round, which will be held May 6, he may beat Sarkozy, taking the voice of moderate voters.

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