Agro, which goes to the bottom, do not count on the laurels of Venice

Dweller Zalesye Nicholas Barbel lost any possibility to keep the household. Cattle, pigs, chickens cross shall be removed to "plankton": two years house and outbuildings sovereign antennae tempted groundwater, coming to the surface and formed a tremendous lake.

Swim out of the barn is possible unless the gondola

At the moment the meter depth — unharvested last year harvest of potatoes, cabbage, onions 10 Male villagers mustache. The owner knows that preceded the flood vzbuynenne railway node: while rebuilding the master filled pipes through which the water flowed on. Currently Zalesye recalls zone artificial eutrophication:
"Two swans how many days were sitting gulls here constantly, almost duck nesting. And so for two years. Spetsy A warning from feral and its bird can catch trivial in relation to avian influenza. Because of this I now own chickens nowhere releasing. Well, those chickens are only seven and left … "
Reporter: "From the other heard that even viper you came here?" ..
"Faster is not vipers and snakes. Yes, they have a fence … And, you know, everything goes wrong, poles substitution. Bought scraps and all anew do. Again put as a different way."

Zalesskaya "anomaly" with altitude poultry

Two year reversed shower after a few hectares of land were under water, the level of which increases in continuous. Now Zaleski family life is directly linked with the development of devices salvation. Ms. Lyudmila worried not so much the possibility of once again losing the collection, as the fate of the three-storey building, home to more than 10 Single Family:
"Two years we swim in your own basement, both bolshennomu sea. Were moments that the water came up to his waist. All in limbo: hanging in bags potatoes, beets, cabbage, cans of stewed fruit and jams. People fear that everything will collapse, collapse. And what services we may accessed (even in the presidential administration) send to the district unsubscribe, but nothing moved. Will arrive service utilities, water adkachae just leave — again the same amount of water. But the worst thing that the house may fall . After two years, the water is constantly, tempted foundation wall, and we are afraid. watch TV and see how any catastrophic cases when the ladies are added. And so from this already creepy. "

Chief villagers shoes — Wellies

All food in store "hangs" over the water

In Last year Zalesye was awarded the honorable title of "agro". The first real steps Tipo areas for improvement were: wear clinics and embedding of new asphalt. As Nicholas says Barbel, after Wraith had to implement cattle, pigs, slaughter chickens — water reached the critical mark. 20 bee colonies from the same syrastsi killed themselves, there was only one:
"Approved status — agrogorodok. We wonder: no gas is let down, no water, nothing. What is agro? Who perceives it? Plan plan, but conscience be! And so that just unsubscribe. We were the same and to "agro-town". Was asphalt, as currently laid much money ditched? On the one hand raised curbs and bias — in the yard. Not enough so that the sinking and so also the rainwater on One way. Livnevak did not — of course this costs. But you do humanly; nowhere so no, in town for sure. And in the house and in the garden with water flowing asphalt. And there was an old asphalt, as should all flowed in two directions. Something to add? Curbs and put this money took. What agrogorodok? "

In the midst of former ridges — hotbeds as "The Flying Dutchman"

In addition, insurance companies shall be removed consider reincarnation Zalesye Venice natural disasters and to insure the collection and outbuildings, the villagers sincere surprise causes the inability of the authorities to cope with the easy task. As the Nicholas Barbel, Zalesskaya problem in comparison with the global reclamation — nothing:
"With the current technology Polessye drained such a quagmire. And it Zalesye NOT drain with such abilities! Let not talking about hundreds and even a couple of hectares (acres plots 6-10, where 20 people were kept gardens.) Well, let for has 2 hectares. It does not even need to drain, but only to push the water on. We beheld that also penetrated the gas pipes under the road, as were under way. So here is the same: put the pipe — and everything. "

The basement can be prepared dayvery — fans of extreme nyrannya

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