Alcohol and drugs: who will win, and what happens?

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All of us at least once visited the doctor's office — with this statement is hard to argue. Factors that are not the most beneficial effect on the body, every year it becomes more and more: the environment, "bruised" the development of scientific and technological progress, the frantic pace of the big cities in tandem with stress, the mutated form of the virus, which scientists do not have time to quickly pick up a "weapon . "

The list is endless. Treatment regimens surprise with the multi-layered. If earlier the drugs needed to smoothly take weeks, now enough of the course of injections for a period of 3 days — and you're in readiness to live and enjoy life. Miracles, and more!

There is, however, in a society clearly formed the view that everything that comes off the assembly line of pharmaceutical factory, is both benefit and harm. And it is certainly not unfounded. Once this article is not really about that.

I would like to see, perhaps, the most common point at issue: Is it true that the medication can not be used alcohol? And give us a good example with the reasons for which the use of alcohol would be required.

And, first of all, the "conflict" with alcohol expect antibiotics. Terrifying stories of death, disfigurement momentary appearance — a great option for the next Hollywood thriller, but not for reality. Everything is much easier.


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Detoxification and Coding

Antibiotics alone are a group of drugs that effect when the accumulation of the body in sufficient quantities. They are also advised to take in the same clock (eg, 8 am and 8 pm). In general, for a maximum of activation is necessary to perform a certain number of conditions.

When taking alcohol is it that you go back to the source: antibiotics immediately cease to operate. The use of rapidly drops to zero. The result is that the inflammatory process and is not blocked, much of the beneficial gut bacteria with antibiotics is ruined. And if you do not want to write this or that disease to the rank of chronic, the course in any case have to renew.

Another group of pharmaceuticals — analgesics. You still do not know why doctors do not recommend them to get involved as soon as the "here and there kolnet lumbago?" Quite simply, these drugs are quite aggressive in our liver and Narov give her the load stronger. And imagine if to top it of that you add to it the work on processing of alcohol? It is difficult to imagine what will survive the stress your liver, "stunned" painkillers and alcohol! Perhaps the coveted bottle of beer you can buy later? After all, with the liver such an option is unlikely to pass …

But there are those drugs that are intentionally used with alcohol. And the doctors prescribe them. Addiction treatment.

Treatment of alcoholism, as many of us know, include a number of procedures that are integrated by a single concept — coding. In our country, this technique uses a surprising demand. Maybe that's the extent of its clarity.

Meet disulfiram. Preparation, which the patient is given at the same time taking a certain amount of alcohol. What's going on? A person with fever, possible nausea, general malaise. Collectively, these side effects are hard body. However, have a strong impact on the level of human consciousness. Statistics "acquaintance" miracle pharmaceuticals and alcohol has a high percentage of success stories to get rid of addiction.

Severe consequences of taking drugs with alcohol certainly is. But mostly they are associated with a separate group of drugs, and doctor you will certainly inquire about the possible complications. In all other cases, there is a general intoxication of the organism. Even according to, for example, directly on the tolerance of the drug.

Yes, and the alcohol does not appear in any encyclopedia of medicines. And definitely will not. However, its existence makes pharmacists fill these directories with new developments aimed at combating "degree" addiction.

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