Alcohol coding

Coding for alcoholism became widespread in the 1980s, when an expert by the name of Dovzhenko first introduced to the general public the problem. Coding were successfully used for the treatment of addiction, and eventually it became clear that this method of treatment, unlike many others was the most effective. Today coding can be called even psychotherapy, often encoding combined with NLP techniques or conditional reflex actions. Currently, there latest methods of treatment of alcoholism, which leads to better results than the preexisting. It is about neyrofizicheskoy blockade.

Neyrofizicheskaya blockade

A relatively new technique that has been successfully used for the treatment of all types of addiction. The technique is based on the basis of the theory of acupuncture. With the help of special equipment using a specific frequency electromagnetic pulses, the configuration and the wavelength is made a point impact on the biologically point cortex. Areas responsible for addiction, rebuilt, and is blocked by a craving for alcohol, changing the pattern of emotional memory, the events associated with alcohol, are no longer associated in the mind with the familiar sensations. As a result of suppressed desire for drinking, alcohol ceases to bring pleasure.

Parallel changes in the structure of the psyche, for example, increases resistance to stress, leaving irritability, aggression, that is inhibited those areas of the brain that have been instituted by constant libations and automatically aroused in the patient to repeat the process indefinitely for "de-stress". The patient as a whole becomes calmer, better sleep, reduced anxiety, reduced appetite, cravings for healthy life, gain confidence in their abilities and desire for new achievements in life. That is, begin to function basic living arrangements.

It should be noted that random alcohol intake after the procedure causes physical discomfort, which automatically locks the desire to continue binges. Blockade usually carried out in 2-4 sessions intermittently from 3 to 20 days. It is assumed treatment for alcoholism at home with a visit to the doctor for the procedure lasting 30-60 minutes. Thrust blocks after the first session, and the rest are conducted to strengthen the effect.

Alcohol coding

Alcohol coding is a psychotherapeutic effects, and this method is effective only for those patients who are amenable to hypnosis. It is often combined with other methods, for example, conditional reflex, as well as a rational therapy when the patient is programmed to perform specific actions in specific circumstances. Alcohol coding is aimed at suppressing the desire for alcohol. Method for the patient is safe and highly effective, but it has to carry out only by qualified personnel. Of course, before the start of treatment requires the conclusion of the binge. Usually, this practice brings a guaranteed relief drinker, but it is understood that most of the effect of treatment comes down to quality and impact of the choice of integrated techniques.

Start treatment usually recommend a Alcohol coding, and only when certain indications can select other methods. There is a significant limitation, which may affect the effectiveness of treatment. To alcoholic coding help, a person must make a conscious decision to stop drinking, causing pain and damage to yourself and loved ones.

When choosing a method it is important to consult with a specialist in drug dependence, which will help you learn more about the methods and choose the right that is guaranteed to help you.

There are contraindications.  Should consult a specialist.

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