Alcohol of any strength — drug

British scientists have found that if the sentence starts with "British scientists have found …", that 80% of people will believe any nonsense that follows it. And yet it was the British scientists last year proved by a comprehensive analysis of the alcohol can be considered much more dangerous drugs that are prohibited by law.

Let's go in order. What does the tricky "method of complex analysis"? This means the British drug experts, sociologists, psychologists and representatives of other professions have analyzed all the major harm of drugs and alcohol on several items:

  • the degree of addiction to the substance;
  • harmful effects on the body;
  • detrimental effect on the environment and society;
  • role in the destruction of the family;
  • goszatraty on drugs and prison sotsuslugi content.

Well, it turned out that alcohol is more dangerous receiving drugs such as heroin, cocaine, and, by the way, tobacco! A psychedelic mushrooms and LSD generally modest Short psychoactive this chart that the blue part of the bar represents the degree of harm to others, and blue — the detriment of their own health and the level of risk to your life.


Although, from the same picture is clear that addicts more harm themselves than others, or with alcohol all the way around. Perhaps all it is obvious that they both automatically sooner or later become dangerous to others. And the fact that alcohol — not a bad habit, and disease, as well as drug addiction, arguing hardly anyone would.

We heroin more likely to die than those of alcoholics. But at the same time alcohol recognized as the most lethal substance, and in general its negative impact on the order of magnitude than the other indicators.

Skeptics believe that alcohol scored the most points because of the wide distribution, availability, and the devastating consequences for themselves and neighbors. The consequences of drinking are reflected almost immediately on the body. Alcohol use is also associated with increased mortality and crime are more likely than other drugs, including heroin.

But why is the main conclusion of a major study of the very British scientists gradually lowered "on the brakes", including in Russia? Because they do not intend to prohibit alcohol, officially recognizing the dangerous drug. And is difficult to imagine how much money it brings … In addition, there is a version that so secret enemies of the powers overseas and Masonic lodges purpose solder gullible and naive people, based on its degradation and the gradual extinction.

However, whatever the motivation of the key soldering, state and social forces, time would have to get down to business. And the move from a policy of senseless restrictions to the awakening of consciousness in humans. Of course, at the moment it sounds utopian. With the false values and distorted structure of society unless all hope in God … But wisdom "In God helps those who help themselves" is also not be discounted.

Each of us in the body has its own innate level of alcohol — an endogenous alcohol. Scientifically speaking, a set of neurotransmitter substances, the balance of which affect mood, behavior and emotions of a person. Self-confident, active and easy-going people have high levels of endogenous alcohol. Well, with a low, of course, vice versa — always worried, unhappy with themselves and others. That's just the latest and most often draws to psychoactive substances (drugs and alcohol) for missing euphoria, vigor, looseness, etc.

A further scenario in alcohol and drug use are also similar. History, as they say, is as old as the world. "Getting up on the rails," a person begins to use more and more often, more and more… And then there comes a time when it can not easily give up their own nasty habits clingy … that is, the disease has …

That's why some of the advanced clinic today before treatment now analyze the patient's DNA. To find the best way to correct these internal processes of neurotransmitter metabolism, experts developed a complex therapy for personal development and self-stimulating effect. And, traditionally, and irreplaceable — psychotherapeutic work with the dependent and his relatives.

So it does not matter whether you call alcohol drug or not. It is important to remember and understand more. If you or your loved ones are faced with the problems of the abuse of alcohol, urgently seek the advice of drug professionals and psychologists.



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