Alcoholism: disease or lack of discipline?

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It so happened thatnarcologists and the population is not quite identical views on alcohol and alcohol dependence. The former believe alcoholism is a progressive disease severe enough to severe complications and high mortality, and second, many of them relatives of alcoholics, according to their attachment to alcohol banal promiscuity.

Most interesting is that both sides are right. And each in his own. Alcoholism is twofold, it has a place as a painful pathological process and, to put it mildly, an unhealthy lifestyle in general.

On the evidence of the painful nature of alcoholism simple enough. Enough to see live on the complications that arise from drinking person. Who has ever seen an attack of delirium tremens (delirium tremens), he will never doubt that dependence on alcohol — a serious illness.

On the other hand, if you look at what is happening through the eyes of friends and relatives alcoholic, their point of view, it becomes clear. They are painful to watch as the man himself, on his own initiative, completely voluntarily degraded, destroyed as a person, is rolling downhill toward the gaping void. And while alcoholic often very actively resists attempts to save his family.

When there is a net disease, and when the lack of will and lack of discipline? Let's try to understand.

For example, if a person has gone on a binge and can not leave it alone — it is a serious illness, and in this case it is senseless and useless accused of a lack of will or promiscuity. It is in this case often requires the help of experts, the conclusion of the binge can be narcologists to inpatients and outpatients at home. The doctor is also required for any other complications, be itwithdrawal symptoms in alcohol withdrawal- syndrome, whether epileptopodobny fit, whether any alcoholic psychosis.

You have to understand that in these situations without specialized medical care a patient may simply die. The relatives can not own anything to help him. Moreover, at the same delirium tremens they also may suffer, hitting, pardon the pun involuntary, under the hot hand.

But what about the lack of discipline? That's it for this category of patients is receiving the first drink. After all, before the first dose of an alcoholic reasonable, it can drive a car, standing at the machine or operating table, it can even lead the state.

But after the first drink he is inadequate and socially dangerous, although it is in such a condition often draws on a variety of "adventure" and "exploits". For example, take the wheel and the "sneaker on the floor." And criminal liability for the person in alcoholic intoxication is not canceled, not only to the last intoxication was considered an aggravating circumstance. Although in this condition a person can not even remember that how and where he had done.

So, the problem of "first drink" just depends on themoral standing qualities drinker. Will not help even the most advanced and modern psychotherapist psychotropic medication. The right choice — only the person himself.

Why do people consider alcoholism disease, it is clear here is what their reasons. The disease comes of itself, is not particularly asking the consent of the patient. And if a person chooses — to hurt him now or wait until Friday — it is some strange disease. The surest remedy for this "disease" is reflected in the popular saying: "You do not know drink— Do not drink! ". And if the drinker did not heed the voice of reason and drunk, so he can not cope with it, it blossomed, and there is nothing to regret, let alone treat. Such is the logic of nonmedical and argue with her is very difficult.

Another feature. The patient is not only responsible for the occurrence of alcohol dependence, but also for its outcome. They are, if you look, only three: death, permanent stagnation in captivity alcohol and return to normal life with complete abstinence from alcohol. Clinical practice shows that shifting responsibility to anyone — relatives, doctors or "circumstances" — in terms of the prospects of getting rid of dependence does not matter.

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Yes, there are cases where the patient is practically nothing depends. But alcoholism — definitely not the case. It depends on the person EVERYTHING. That is everything. Never, under any circumstances, not an alcoholic learn to drink moderately. "Controlled use" — this is nonsense, the concept is not applicable to patients addicted people.

When drinking man says he is not an alcoholic because it can not drink — it's a psychological ploy, "excuse." He really can not drink, but that drink. The main criterion for alcoholism — is the inability to stay on50-100 grams. And the only way to get rid of the addiction — to abandon the very start, "20 drops". The main thing is to man he wanted to do it. Otherwise it no one will ever be able to help. Such is the sad truth of alcoholism.

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