Ales Antipenko: For me, the meaning of life in the work and the presence of

Karatkevich: "What is the hardest question to you in today’s Belarus?"
Antipenko: "This is, for sure, the coming of our national perspective, the way in which the situation is resolved, this brand new, and the political and financial.» Sur eznasts and extent of future economic problems are likely to be felt at the end of this year . So we are entering a very sur» eznuyu phase transition to the new realities. "
Karatkevich: "You are running a professional on the Belarusian Association of Journalists. How, in your opinion, the information in Belarus offer meets the needs of society."
Antipenko: "If we talk about the municipal media, then there is one situation where an non-state, then — totally different. But I think there is a certain lack of disk imaging, there is a certain gap between what want to hear or see the Belarusians, and those they have.
By the way, we have witnessed how young people react to the coverage in the municipal media on October Square in the previous year. This shows that in society there were new needs and new vision of how the media and journalists, guided by Prof. standards should cover those or other actions. "
Karatkevich "Belarusian opposition politicians they say that the lack of access to disk imaging — is one of the reasons that society is inert with respect to changes. Either you agree?"
Antipenko: "The problem with access to the disk imaging is and it sur» seriously. But I would not have believed that everything can be reduced to this dilemma, since we exist to the nearest time in a society in which there was no real need for other disk imaging. If most of the people find themselves in a situation of a certain economic comfort, and if we take into account the fact that during the last two years the Belarusian society noticeably evolved towards public use, then, of course, in such a situation does not exist real need for other disk imaging.
Media usually react in such a situation the configuration of your own content. Need to become entertainment programs from yellowish press. Falls enthusiasm to different dilemmas that exist both in the society and beyond. And as always happens when a society comes some stability and people have positive expectations about the future. This we had, but this situation has been completed. "
Karatkevich: "Alexander, you have defended a thesis on the social ecology. Exactly what is it?"
Antipenko: "The tasks that we call environmental — is the result of the development of human civilization or, more precisely, — the result of a mismatch, the collision" logic "2 different systems. One of them — the human civilization, and the second — the biosphere, nature . Global configuration and different local climate disasters that we are now looking to indicate a conflict of 2-systems. In addition, as a result of the terrible pollution Biosphere uniformly loses its ability to samaadnavlennya, in other words, to the feeding of life in bolshennom bio diversity of species which could be considered the building blocks that make up our lives. And so easy to predict that when we with the majestic pyramids of life will continue to pull out one brick after another, once fall and the whole structure. Soc ecology — it just has that discipline , which studies the processes of interaction between natural and social systems. "
Karatkevich: "It is true that you were fired from the Institute of Philosophy and Law for anti-Soviet expressions?"
Antipenko: "I was not fired. I began systematically demote. I was a senior researcher, I did just an employee, and I decided not to wait for me at all fired. Maldis Adam at that time was head of the department so that I have no problems" emigrated "Center Center and worked there until the time has not yet been invited to the Belarusian Soros Foundation."
Karatkevich: "Many say that thanks to you specifically Soros were implemented many Belarusian projects. How do you think it’s worth at the moment support is currently in Belarus, when it comes to zabugornyh projects: culture, media or opposition politicians."
Antipenko: "When we talk about the culture and the media, then there can not be said or ever media culture, because culture — this is the place in which there are different and form new meanings and significance of what is happening in society. Culture as a mechanism of new meanings and values to a large extent determines the prospects for the development of society. ‘Cause if we do not support the media and support the culture, then we end up losing a broader awareness of the meaning of our society and social life. And Culture and media must have sur’ & # 39; eznuyu support. Indeed, perspectives and new awareness situpatsyi initially formed in the minds of representatives of cultural, intellectual elite and only later become a fact of social consciousness. Journalists and the media play in this case the role of multipliers, they are easily disseminate the ideas generated in the minds of people belonging to the intellectual and cultural elites. "
Karatkevich: "During the interview in Minsk people commented that want to ask the philosopher, the meaning of life. What would they say?"
Antipenko: "Do not imposing their worldview, I would answer that. For me, the meaning of life in the work and presence. Creativity gives us ourselves, unlocks the meaning in things, this opens up the world to us and in the end our lives assigns a lot of sense. I I think that particularly creative person has a greater chance to get closer to the original person. other words, closer to the man who is created in the standard and likeness. God — it first creator. And if a man also tends to be creative, it is likened to God, expresses its divine origin. "
Karatkevich: "I know that the wisest animal you think beaver. You even have the product on the beaver, the poem …"
Antipenko: "It does not work, it’s two lines. I believe that if you find any animals of similar mentality Belarusians, for me these are symbolic creatures Belarusians beavers. Once I wrote two lines:" Wise men our beaver, apladnivsya, lived and died. "
Karatkevich: "Waves of Freedom sound transmission" In what I believe. "What do you believe?"
Antipenko: "I believe in God first, in that man — a creature that does not know all the depths of your own self, that he is capable of the highest creative fulfillment, and that he will be able to realize once not only for themselves similar, yes and other creatures alive. If he is out, it will be one of the subfloor in solving environmental prepyadstviya we also touched on in our conversation. "

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