Ales Arkush: Scion Danish Queen — into Belarusian throne!

Minute over the precipice
(Karatkevich :) "The program" What I believe "you state that everything in life is not the case. Which are the brightest non-randomness in your life?"
(Sheet) "I believe that at least some non-random life, and each person comes into the world with a mission. Nevypadkovasts — beloved theme for poets. For example, Leonid Golubovic told me that in his very childhood vbryknuv stallion, because he had lain week on the stove and there was given to him, that he was not bored, giant book of poetry. He believes that since the poet and began.
I can also recall a story. When I was four years old, my ancestors lived in Mongolia. At one point, my mom went with me to play, and there just built a bridge across mountain river. I was such varmint, and when she turned away somewhere, I was lost. A bridge was nezashalyavany, and I fell back into space, and when flying, grabbed his support. When my mother saw her little boy hanging over that precipice, as in a Hollywood movie, she lost consciousness. Some guy took me out of this abyss. Certainly, this also has some tayamnichasts and some nevypadkovasts, sure — how could I hung for a moment over this abyss? "
(Karatkevich :) "The other day you told ether another fascinating story of nevypadkovasts …"
(Sheet) "At one point in Polotsk reader called me and asked encounter and talk. We met in the park, were sitting on a bench, and he told me his fate. Turned out that he had once studied in the seminary and it began to recruit KGB . The KGB he uttered: "You’re so vain do many of your colleagues do not agree at all and their fine." It got so that he wrote a letter Masherova. He wrote that each person must answer for the sins of all, and also answer Masherov for these sins are not so little sinful deeds — destruction of churches, etc.. Clearly, this letter to him no one has forgiven, it is clear that the letter did not reach Masherova. This man caught and put in jail. When he was sitting in the chamber, he found a piece of paper and read that Masherov got in accident and no longer lives.
He began to peel these forged steel door and started yelling that he warned Masherova. These words are not cheap cost, because it started just trying to extort — say, you know what Masherova had destroy, who was due to make this tragedy, etc..
I, as a journalist, interested all Belarusian chores, began to question him, and he said to me that the worst people than Belarusians does not exist. What are they selling, etc.. I was very impressed and thought a lot about it. But it so happened that I later heard similar, for example, they say about Lithuanians Lithuanians. And one of my friends in Poland says a funny story in the midst of the Poles — if you are a Pole and Pole met in London, and he will not fooled means consider that he has promoted for you … "
Who should sit on the throne of Belarus?
(Karatkevich :) "Are you a fan of the Belarusian monarchism. From What kind of Belarusian monarchs can be explain."
(Sheet) "Where is my love for monarchism? It seems to me that we no longer enough now shlyahetnastsi and honor. With this, all our difficulties.
As for your question, there are two "parties" monarchists. There are proponents VKLavskiya "Gedeminovichi" and Polotsk, "rogvolodovichi." I believe that "rogvolodovichi" more legitimate. Blood Rogvolodovichey there in the Danish monarchy house, this house is inseparable from the monarchical addition time, and is completely legal to invite a representative of the Danish monarchical home, it will be our monarch.
(Karatkevich :) "Maybe you know the name?"
(Sheet) "Yefim, youngest son of the Danish queen. He does not claim the Danish throne and completely really make him an offer."
The museum itself is created
(Karatkevich :) "You have done together with his wife in his own house in Polotsk museum of archaeological finds and folk life. If one of our listeners, arrived in Polotsk want to visit this museum, admission is free?"
(Sheet) "Naturally, the entrance for friends, since we can not open it to all guests. But many people there wasand from Orlov to Akudovich. My wife — a lover of junk collects an old furniture, dishes. Himself our house on the ancient site, and if we just dig in the garden, we find old things, some coins, and the museum itself is created. "
(Karatkevich :) "And what’s the most fascinating exhibit?"
(Sheet) "It is not so long ago this spring, my wife found a dagger and weeded the 16th or 17th century. And there are rocky cores. Think that such nuclei and defended the old Polack."

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