Alexander Kozulin extended a special output mode of hunger strike

An extension of the special output mode of the hunger strike Alexander Kozulin said lawyer Igor Rynkevich policy in the administration of the colony Vitsba-3:
"Alexander Kozulin thrown to the former regime of detention in prison for the current month. This means, that in April it will be powered by normal dietary and 5B will be released from work. And in the rest mode for it is no different from other prisoners mode. "
Over the past month A.Kozulin scored only 1 kilogram
The decision to extend a special regime for Alexander Kozulin made on the basis of medical examination of the prisoner and the examination results of his blood — said Igor Rynkevich of the colony. Meanwhile, lawyer believes that the prison system is out of starvation, applied against his client is ineffective:
"After the release of the hunger strike Kozulin scored a little more than 10 kilograms. Among them only one kilogram — for the past month. This just the month in which he specifically forbade transfer food from home. "
To not allow Kazulina-independent doctors and prisoners
Also a lawyer draws attention that medical examination before Alexander Kozulin and not allowed beyond the control of doctors.
Kozulin hunger strike for 53 days — from late October to early December. Last presidential candidate protested against the government Alexander Lukashenko and to pursue the Belarusian issue in the UN Security Council.
According to a recent letter from Alexander Kozulin slavery, prison administration limits its contacts with other prisoners and imposed restrictions on the walk in the prison yard.
Alexander Kozulin was convicted on charges of disorderly conduct and organization of the riots 5.5 years in prison. Oppositionist guilty himself recognizes and explains persecution for political reasons.

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