Alexander Kozulin may remain without a lawyer?

Face lawyer Igor Rynkevich again in the spotlight. 5 days he gave back the resignation of legal advice. Igor Rynkevich wrote that leaves voluntarily, so as not to pressurize their own colleagues, against which the Ministry of Justice prepares Tipo foreclosure.
(Rinkevich :) "Not so long ago I uttered not give interviews on the case Kozulin. Later simplified: tell me, who are you in contact this case, with any individuals and entities? I refused. Later uttered not cling theme illegitimacy Alexander Lukashenko and all I will be fine. I braked and then not, and retold about it all, that read Alexander Kozulin about illegitimacy. And the last straw for them was that we applied for verbovanii responsible for electoral fraud. "
But Igor Rynkevich not exclude now withdraw his resignation. Then the Bar still have to make the decision itself or impose penalty on him, which will lead to revocation of the license. In the lawyer’s environment this would be considered a very bad move. Lawyer recalls that already won an administrative proceeding against it in court, where substantiated, that did not disturb public order during campaign. Let me remind you, the police detained Igor Rinkevich after the arrest of Alexander Kozulin 3rd March 2006 and charged with disorderly conduct, but the tribunal took the side of a lawyer.
Will the possibility of dismissal before that Alexander Kozulin remains without a lawyer? Igor Rynkevich recalls that his colleague Dmitry Harachka who defended during the trial of ex-presidential candidate, ready to continue to provide services to him. Another option is to protect the citizens of the 1st one, which also provides for the law.
(Rinkevich :) "Two months back the clock I filed such a statement in the name of the prison in which ensure that I was given power of attorney from Kozulin the protection of the citizen as a citizen. However, until This time issuance of this proxy block. "

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