Alexander Lukashenko expelled from the party, which at some point recorded almost all men

"One of naypekneyshyh construction Bialystok — a" Aquarium ", on the corner of Market Street and Nikolaev — said in 1917" hubbub. "- Construction is delivered in 1818 by the architect mestovym Kulikovsky tuteyshago for the wealthy, Zabludovskago. After she gave under shlyahetskoy club and at the moment it is a restaurant. land on which stands the "Aquarium", sold Branitskaya Hetman in 1756 Jew Chaim 35 gold, but Haim paid only 3 gold and fled to avoid being flogged with rods. "
Grodno "Gwiazda Mlodziezy" in the 1927 report from Poland: "Gymnasium in Radoshkavichah received a letter on school days are kuratoryyum in Vilnius, that in connection with recorded among young people and teaching staff gymnasium" anti-state propaganda and communist "kuratoryyum withdraws concession issued by Comrade. Bel. Teaching a lifelong activity this school and teaching allows one before the end of 1926-27, the Next given the threat that if the anti-government rally will continuesmiling, then close the school at one time. "
"Name" on this week 1997 writes: "For a good cause today’s international isolation of the Belarusian regime connect more and more new zabugornye structure. March 27 vyznat world that Alexander Lukashenko expelled from the party, which at some point recorded virtually all male. In today Polish Party favorite bald Karel Klyashaty to the Minister Foreign Affairs Poland Dariusz Race letter: "A person who renounces his own party affiliation and hides own party ticket — even though he on his head — can not be effective" … Favorite ITL denies rumors that the Polish party bald Tipo interfered in home affairs Belarus ".

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