Alexander Lukashenko: The European Union should lift sanctions

"If the EU is to say through the" iron curtain "and will keep us in the larynx, we make any debate will not go" — said President of Belarus.
"Panukannya from them we will not tolerate. I think the European Union failed to agree a real chance with us and look at our face decent partner," — said Alexander Lukashenko. With all this the Belarusian leader said, Belarus interested in establishing relations with the EU.
"The West is obsessed with any Human Rights. The most important thing a human right — the right to life, work, wages, we these questions solved "- said President of Belarus.
EU requirements regarding release of political prisoners, Lukashenko said: "We have no political articles, and we have shown that for the condemned these people. These are the people for their money evrazvyazavtsy pushed the barricades, and they (the EU) hunt them out to remove … Excellent, come, recognize that guilty, ask for forgiveness from the Belarusians and say, let’s solve the issues, "- said Alexander Lukashenko.

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