Alexander Milinkevich visits Chernobyl Affected Areas

"For me, these questions — not strangers — says A. Milinkevich. — I am interested in Chernobyl neuvvyazkami carefully. Would wish they were solved regardless of the position of authority. I believe that civilian society can do it. Our huge international capacity. "
Alexander Milinkevich assures that he will try to attract the attention of the Belarusian th international public dilemmas radiation safety of the population. It states that the establishment of agricultural production in the affected areas does not meet radiological standards and municipal control system cleanliness goods destroyed.
"And the bad that people do not even know, dirty or not the land in his yard. Honestly, it’s a tremendous sin power if it does not want people to know the truth. Do not give possibility to teach. I think that it is in this we can help each other. Authority does not wish to, but our solidarity must solve at least the knowledge of Why fear and what to get rid of. And we’re strongly about this talk a lot. "
In Stolin Alexander Milinkevich acquainted with the practice of the role of communities in projects of international support.
"In addition, there are a huge number of countries: Italy, Ireland, Germany, and others who are willing to provide equipment. But why not help comes from abroad? And as in any case, the power tries to put humanitarian aid under full control. Confiscates this help, and later distributes independently. Never, no international organization so will not work. "
Alexander Milinkevich believes that the government should make it easier to travel abroad for kids healthy because This year fail to go for recuperation limit of about 25 thousand students from dirty areas. "Prohibitions horrifying power that children vaccinated Tipo alien ideology," — said Alexander Milinkevich. Government should pay more attention to the dilemmas of rehabilitation of Chernobyl-affected regions, but almost anything can and society.
"I believe that in the Chernobyl dilemma turns out that we know a long time ago. Samaarganizuemsya If we do not, do not help each other, if you do not show solidarity, unless we show that we — the power, then this failure Chernobyl remains everywhere: in politics, education, society. All tasks will get up again before us and presented intractable. Therefore the most important thing — self-organization and activity of the society. "

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