Alexander Tikhanovich: We try to Eurovision glory of God

Who is managing the project "Eurofest" state qualifying round, Alexander Tikhanovich on the phone with Helsinki said:
"Mood bodrenkoe, normal. Want to say that he [D.Kaldun. — RS] here enjoys great popularity among journalists, the inhabitants of Finland. Since at each corner of his posters, his intensely advertise and newspapers, and television. Would be desirable, that he met the expectations. Naturally, wedid everything likely to have it delivered successfully. All the rehearsals that were, all is right, although I do not wish read that-then go ahead. There are, of course, and some minor imperfections that do not significantly affect, but we know about them, and he tries to fix them. In short, everything we tried and tried not for himself in the pocket, but for the glory of God and the glory of our country. Because I would like to, so it all came out specifically because we wish. "

International bukmekerskaya office WillamHILL chances of winning Warlock evaluates as "highest" — second place in the semi-finals and the third — at the end of "Eurovision". But Belarusians in betting competition virtually ignored. That’s what told representatives of the Minsk office "status quo":
"It is very hard to do — sort those bets made on "Eurovision". It is practically impossible in general. They give a little, yes. But the fact, that we have a certain contingent of players who constantly come in bukmekerskiya office. It’s more of a man age 40 "tail", and their it’s just not interested. Prior to this sports betting. By evening, sure, we could collect some statistics, but not the fact. It’s very difficult. "
Incidentally, This year organizers of the "Eurovision" changed the voting rules. Voting will last 15 minutes. Allowed at least 20 calls from the 1st room.
According to representatives of the State Television Svetlana Kraskovskaya, semifinals and the end of the song contest will be broadcast not only on TV, and on the largest in Eastern Europe plyazmavym screen, which is mounted at the Sports Palace in Minsk:
"But our business is only to organize the show, as there is already Warlock crows, of course, for it does not respond. After all, we can not sing for him. So let there he already Bedrosovich [Philip. — RS] helps. But let’s look and Warlock support. Maybe even once already get to the end. "
In January Dmitry Warlock defeated in the state qualifying round of "Eurofest". He walked around the Russian singer Diana Gurtskaya and rock group "The Project".
Then the music critics were that a significant role in the victory Warlock played Russian singer Philip Kirkorov. He is the producer of the young artist, also the creator of music composition "Work Your Magic". This song Dmitry Warlock takes on today’s competition.
But composer Kirkorov suspected of plagiarism — the chorus appeared similar to the hit team "Modern Talking" — "Last Exit to Brooklyn". But the theme of exhausted when Thomas Anders, the last soloist of the group, said individual claims against Kirkorov has not.
Organizers of the "Eurovision-2007" promise: This year the contest will be about the audience billion people in Europe, Asia and North America.
What are the chances of the Belarusian artist at Eurovision?
Official website of "Eurovision"

In the past year celebrated the 50th Eurovision years.
The best in the history of the competition musical experts recognized the Swedish quartet ABBA with the song "Waterloo".
Belarus debuted at the "Eurovision" in 2004 in Istanbul. There appeared duo "Alexandra & Konstantin". Then Belarusian performers in the semifinals of the last one finished.
In 2005 represented Belarus in Kiev Angelica. It was produced by Philip and financial assistance provided millionaire husband Nikolai Agurbash. Agurbash failed in the end.

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