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Allergic-tests (skin tests for allergies)mandatory testing for any form of allergic diseases. It has been conducted in order to determine the sensitivity of the individual person to different allergens.

Which diseases allergological tests administered?

The study indicated for the following allergic diseases:

  • bronchial asthma (manifested labored breathing, choking, shortness of breath);
  • hay fever — chronic or seasonal (spring, summer) (manifested runny nose, frequent sneezing, itching of the nose or nasal congestion);
  • food allergy (manifested by itching and rashes on the skin);
  • allergic rhinitis (runny nose appears), conjunctivitis (in itching and redness of the eyes, watery eyes);
  • drug allergy (manifested rash, pruritus, angioedema);
  • atopic dermatitis (manifested by itching and rashes on the skin).

How is the research?

For skin testing solutions are used allergens: grass, pollen, animal epidermis, insect venom, foods, medicines.

  1. Cutaneous (intraoral) standard — the allergen solution moistened gauze and put it on intact skin.
  2. Skarifikatsionnye tests — on clean skin of the forearm is applied drops of allergens through their disposable lancet make small scratches.
  3. Prick tests — on clean skin of the forearm is applied drops of allergens through their disposable needles make easy shots (one millimeter in depth).

For once put no more than 15 samples with allergens.

Who conducts allergological test?

Allergic-conducting samples allergist.

Where do skin testing?

Skin tests are carried out in the treatment room allergy department under the supervision of an allergist.

How to evaluate the results?

If the site of application of allergen on the skin redness or swelling zanchit a person is allergic to that substance.

Skin tests, depending on the allergen was evaluated after 20 minutes, 5-6 Hours and 1-2 days and give list which contains the results:

  • negative;
  • weak positive;
  • positive;
  • doubtful.

How to prepare for the study?

One day before the skin test is desirable to stop taking antihistamines (anti-allergic) drugs. Before the trial physician treats skin alcoholic solution.

How does it feel during the test?

It is painless and bloodless methods. There is only a slight prick or scratch.

What are the contraindications for allergy tests?

 In skin tests for allergies are quite a few contraindications. They are:

  • exacerbation of current allergic disease;
  • acute infectious process (ARI, sore throat, etc.);
  • exacerbation of other chronic diseases;
  • prolonged treatment with hormonal therapy (corticosteroids);
  • pregnancy;
  • receiving antihistamines (anti-allergic) drugs;
  • age over 60 years.

How to diagnose an allergy, if contraindicated allergological test?

If there are no contraindications to skin tests, allergy diagnosis can be made through blood tests — Allergic profile.

What are the complications?

In conducting tests of allergy is rare, but there are complications that occur in highly expressed allergic reactions up to anaphylactic shock.

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