Americans of Tanya Kozyro and future rehabilitation of child

Times per day on internet forums local publications Petaluma Argus-Courier, Santa Rosa Press Democrat of California and other media can see the inverse estimates solutions Tanya Kozyro yes family Deborah and Manuel Zapata.
A resident of Petaluma Julie Wilder-Sherman (Julie Wilder-Sherman), last Founder and Managing charity Chernobyl Children’s Project is one of the harshest critics of the act.
It clarifies the fact that because of the anger that caused offense and Tania Zapata midst activists.
"It’s sad that founded almost 18 years ago, several residents of Petaluma Chernobyl Children’s Project may at one point due to end in spontaneous decision 16-year-old girls and the family of its owners.
I know Tanyu and Zapata. Tanya, enterprising, energetic girls, and Zapata, those who heartily hlopochet

Tanya, enterprising, energetic girl. Love for her blinded Zapata.

about her and love her as their own child. By the way, just adore malehankih Belarusians and other South American family.
Believe that love Tanya blinded Zapata. They did not consider the consequences of international action. Call family at the airport before departure almost groups, so to speak, agaroshyv members of the organization. "
Julie Sherman assure Valder. that Zapata could turn up other ways in order to the girl was able to constantly live in the U.S..
How many members of the organization, it strongly disagreed with the letter "s support Tanya", which is currently distributed by Petaluma and justifies the action of the child.
"Unfortunately, the situation with Tonino her languid life in Belarus is not unique, — Mrs. Ms. Wilder Sherman. — None of us wish that some of our children to a bad home vorachivalsya criterion. But thanks to this rule (kids come in the U.S. and 6 weeks vorachivayutsya reverse) and has been since 1991, our programm. Acts Zapata — it is an open violation of the criterion of the organization.
Obviously, like all the others, I wish the best for Tanya. But to meet the request of the 1st baby, sacrificing the needs of thousands of other Belarusian kids — this is a big blow to those who are fussing about Belarusian girls and little boys and their survival. "
A resident Petulumy Doris lol (Doris Laul) has quite a different position on the choice of names and Tanya Kozyro letter Julie Wilder Sherman unkindly.
"Forcing Tanya back, we forget about reverence for human rights, for the protection of which is our country. We mention these rights if it is safe and politically correct, "- says Doris lol.
"If you think that Belarus will allow devchenke return to the U.S. when she reaches adulthood that

Tanya, I am proud that you specifically chose my country. I accept your position.

conditions of her life at home will improve as promised diplomats, you are very naive. I’m very sorry that Belarus has gone on such a step as the suspension of Chernobyl Project. I really hurt that this country kids are used as pawns. I get angry from what some of us are willing to play such games. Tanya is in the U.S. legally. She has every right to remain in the United States with her visa today. Shame on all of you who are putting pressure on this girl and tries to force her to return.
Indeed, Ms. Wilder-Sherman and others may move Tanya and Zapata quickly and pragmatic.
Not knowing undemocratic regime, can not realize what went Tanya and Zapata, before accepting a similar decision. Your fanaberystasts against these people leaves me speechless. Tanya, I absolutely support you. I accept your position. I am proud that you specifically chose my country. Since it is specifically my country. "

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