Amniotomy (opening membranes)

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Amniotomy — an artificial opening membranes. This obstetric surgery should be carried out under strict indications. According to statistics, in hospitals amniotomy make about 7% of all births.


Indications amniotomy may occur both during pregnancy and at delivery. During pregnancy, amniotomy is performed to induce labor.

  • The main reason for amniotomy — perenashivanie pregnancy. About perenashivanie obstetricians say when, after completion of 42 weeks of pregnancy, labors alone does not occur. This deteriorates the function placental hypoxia may occur, increasing the risk of complications upcoming deliveries (perineal tears in women, etc.). Therefore, after verification of pregnancy, fetal assessment, preparedness of the birth canal for delivery, obstetricians decide to amniotomy, having obtained the patient's consent.
  • Another important indication for amniotomy during pregnancy is severe preeclampsia (Late toxicosis).In the case of a full-term pregnancy with little effect on the treatment of preeclampsia, in order to prevent more serious complications, doctors may decide to amniotomy (with patient consent). At the unpreparedness of the birth canal and the deterioration of the woman or the fetus is performed cesarean section.
  • Much less common is reading to amniotomy as Rh factor. In the presence of Rh antibodies in the blood, signs of hemolytic disease of the fetus on ultrasound, and the study of amniotic fluid, the only way to save the child is delivery. To this end, and is used amniotomy.
  • Fairly common indication for pacing generic activities by amniotomy are pathological preliminary period and uterine inertia.

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