Anastasia Palazhanka: We will not be forced to adore than Belarus

"The sun, which is incorporated in each of us, no one without a fight"
Karatkevich "Nastya, I welcome you."
Palazhanka: "Hello."
Karatkevich: "You have a mobile phone — the composition" The Sun will help us. "Do you think the sun will help?"
Palazhanka: "You know, I see the sun here as a colorful hope and strong faith. If a person believes in the sun, which is inherent in each of us that no one without a fight — it will help. And certainly overcome over darkness, because you will light all around him sincerity , love and great courage, because, believe and be brighter own life and in their own actions. "
Karatkevich "Nastya what questions during an online conference on" Freedom "was the most vserasprostranennye?"
Palazhanka: "Perhaps the words of support. Naturally enough, and criticism, but we are grateful for it, too, and very much so. We are waiting for advice myself for action. There were many questions about our identity, personal ecstasy. We were very amazed popularity of "Young Front", but pleasantly amazed. "
"I hope that a democratic government will come and we will not need to engage in politics"
Karatkevich: "What questions will amaze you whether all were predictable?"
Palazhanka: "People can not be fully predicted. Very astonished question of whether I have a chance to become President of the Republic of Belarus. This question and I was very impressed, especially our young men struck answers. Frankly, it is my very" under a mile, "because I really hope that if I reach that age, I’ll live in a democratic country, engage in their own beloved thing, and I do not must be engage in politics. But I believe that the lady can take this position — I do not consider myself here. Men had read about, that the President of Belarus should zastatsa man, and only he and his hand can take the country in its power … I think — no. I think that our society is also able to rise to the moment when the ladies take the top positions. "
Karatkevich: "you have said — will change the situation, you will be engaged lover affair. A is what?"
Palazhanka: "To be honest, I really want to become a teacher and whiteRussian language, instill this love of country, to the language, respect for the history of small kiddies. So it was all really heartily, that they have been trained to adore and live in bearusku. I naturally understand that at this point in connection with this criminal case under this authority I will not be able to do what I love. But I have high hopes — we "Yuen front" a lot of working on it, and work honestly — that something will change in this country. What will a real European, democratic government, and each of us will need to be involved in politics per se. We will live in his beloved country. "
"We are preparing for the worst"
Karatkevich: "And what perspective in connection with your criminal case?"
Palazhanka:-This article anticipates or a fine or arrest of 6 months to 2 years. We are preparing for the worst, preparing for it mentally, as we are very grateful such people Paul Seviarynets, Artur Finkevich Dashkevich and when they go down this path, however, we can not turn away from him. Because we do not think about any emigration, it is our position, and not a PR, as we were criticized online. We do not want to be some kind of heroes do not work for future tutorials. We work honestly, accurately. And if we have to meet with the lattice, then we will meet them with courage, because our conscience is clean. We go for the truth, for the truth of the people, our future. We have nothing to fear, even if it is the saddest story in the future. "
Karatkevich: "When and how did you join the protest movement and the youth?"
Palazhanka: "By MF I joined in 2004. I had no desire to even get to the other organizations. At the moment I am about them not even thought about it. I’ve always been a patriot, do not even know what to do inside this feeling that I do something for this country. And I had to do something. I can not just sit at home and watch these false announcements … Fortunately, I met with the guys at Malady-anniversary celebration of the Battle of Orsha. Then they told me what the "Young Front", what are the attitudes, values in MF. This intrigued me, I came to the first meeting, met with people and realized that I can be here, there should be, and I like it. So I hit the "Young Front".
"Young Front" tends to focus on all the words and the questions that are currently trevozhut people Incline age that young people do not have at the moment a certain morality — n» s beer, take drugs that around gryazyuka . Specifically, the "Young Front" trying to educate young people. We are not passionate about politics in most of its own, we have to take it up because it is at the moment the situation, but we try to educate partly good, sincere Belarusians who know the history, the language that must now go on demonstrations and rallies to have their say . Because I very much hope that we, the Young, to justify the confidence and become an example for others. Naturally, we still have to work and work for it … I very much hope that we can convince people Incline age youth in the XXI century still can have morals and heart. "
"I did not expect such reaction from classmates"
Karatkevich: "It is said that during the investigation you have got a lot of fans, and even students who are you studying in school, expressed support. How is it expressed?"
Palazhanka: "Thanks to God, the support really is. People come to visit, send SMSes. Write letters, wishing to explore, such as to enter into life, and this help.’s Very nice, I am very well belong to the people, as it a mirror, it is necessary to live, very nice to talk to people.
I really did not expect such reaction from classmates. Specifically because people are afraid of school itself somehow implement, demonstrate our school even small children are walking with these reddish povyazochka with BRYU with icons … One scary because they do not understand something, do not think, what they do, what’s the point … Partly they are silent. And if they have the opportunity through the "Freedom" like to express their outlook about my activities, I was very pleased. About the fans — it’s natural resoundingly said, but there were those people who are not indifferent to my fate, and I’m very grateful for that. "
Karatkevich: "Apparently, your words tell the history of that school was appointed special teacher, and asked the lady to spend with you" prophylactic conversation ". From what I know, for you uttered: if you do not finish public activities, there will be "a lady’s happiness." Was it? "
Palazhanka: "Yes. It was very" cute. "I even taken aback. I was very curious to hear more of her — that she still offers me if it says that in ’16 I would have no luck ladies? It was very sad to hear from a psychologist who deals with young people who scare me the bullpen … With all this, this lady is not quite the usual fate — she worked reunite children’s colony, with languid babies, felt something in her heart. I do not think she was worried for me — it was some order administration, spend time with me this interview. Especially since, that this conversation took place before my interrogation. I thought it was a decent moral move on their part. If they think that because they have finished our work, we catch up on some kind of depression, it is not. We have the support of the people, friends, we have something to live, what to believe, what to hope. "
"I believe in the purity of heart of the Belarusian youth
Karatkevich: "What you like flowers?"
Palazhanka: "Field. It can buy flowers every person, and to disrupt the beloved maiden 1-2-3 flowers with ideas about it — it’s very nice. I think that the guys who have at the moment heed, ponder subsequent time that all -did they wish to donate their own beloved maiden. "
Karatkevich: "And if there is a person who has to have such attentions?"
Palazhanka: "You know, these people seem to be there, I treat them well, but I have more attitude to them as friends or political colleagues."
Karatkevich: "I know that you collect angels …"
Palazhanka: "In our life there are many problems, not so great, how to hunt, because when you look at these lovely, sincere, fairy angel hunt to think only about the bright and decent. This forces even for a moment to smile when you do not wish and could not get a few minutes back. This gives you the opportunity to at least be in a ymgnenne parable walk on. "
Karatkevich "Nastya, what do you believe?"
Palazhanka: "I believe in a strong spirit of the Young. I am sure that this case and the arrests will not be forced young fighters loves Belarus least and least to show it. I believe in the purity of heart of the Belarusian youth in their sincerity, kindness, courage and desire to live in a free country. "

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