Anatoly Lebedko Alexander Lukashenko — the only Belarusian oligarch

"I think, catchy message that is different to what people hear for 13 years. Lukashenko situation is colorful, but it is not so. Hence, from Bragin, she sees another.
We talk to people and they remember when they were rounded up at a meeting with Lukashenko. And when you talk to them, they say they seized about benefits, and about the smallest municipal aid. And to get humanitarian aid to school or museum, you need to go for a resolution to the deputy chief for ideology. Therefore these difficulties and are issued every year.
As for statements as if Lukashenka has no accounts and it is the poorest people in Belarus — it is not. Things you need to call a spade: Alexander G., terminology and assessments made in the CIS, Belarus has oligarchs, while only. He concentrated in his own hands the political power, and keeps under control municipal budgets and shadow. This was stated more than once, and no one denied.
That there is no specific accounts with the surname Alexander Lukashenko as he earlier press conference read: "get durachiny." What fool would open in his name? But there is a scheme, how directing these cash flows. And these trends in Belarus holds the key Alexander Lukashenko. It is a fact that it is not necessary to justify Bush or someone from Belarusian opposition.
As for businessmen … If you look, the body of the Belarusian enterprises (especially small) is a loop, which can be boldly call Lukashenko. Since these his edicts and decrees, only worsen the situation businessmen. And every year their number decreases at the physical level. "

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