Anatoly Saharusha: I believe that the land owner will

I come from a farm family» i. All his life (Almost 57 years) lived in rural areas i worked (and it is 40 years old), i always on the ground (farm-farm-farm). And now I am sure that the collective farms, state farms coming NO.
For so many years have seen enough of this iniquity Registry plans though what method, only to perform to exceed i (on paper). Thefts mahinatsyi, small deceits chiefs huge, huge bolshennymi still, i know all this. After the higher demand of the smallest, they again tricked them report a performing-peravykanannyah. And so throughout the existence of the USSR. And in Belarus — i on present day since collectivization.
I firmly believe that the collective and state farms in Belarus znikne fall apart, although it i have at the moment in this state, it has never been like a real farm agriculture.
After 5 years of working foreman I realized that it should not be. After 10 years, I said firmly: this system will not live. Nowhere in the world farms. In Sweden, three percent of the total population of farmers fed kolkastsi country i still sell overseas agricultural products. Note — the Nordic countries.
So do not help out Belarus collective, not posodeystvuyut prezydentskiya no houses or bringing them to the industrial companies, nor to the BEAC banks nor their adherence to a strong economy. From the outset, this, imposed by force, coercion system was formless i NOT viable. It exists only in the state subsidies.
I firmly believe that the earth will the owner, who will rescue our agriculture. And it will be a farmer! "
Anatoly Saharusha — agronomist by training, the owner of the land on which lives, by svetabachannya svabodalyub and according to the principles. Lives on in the town of Brest Malech Berezovsky district.

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