Andrei Klimov not accept the role in the investigation

April 19 Tatyana Klimova made in jail for transfer own spouse, former deputy Andrei Klimov. His more than 2-weeks reverse arrested on charges of inciting to overthrow the government.
Transmission weighs 15 kg, is the main food and odezhku. "Books and newspapers do not allow to pass," — says Tatiana.
By letters that she sends Andrew, in the investigation, he continued to participate refuses, silent during interrogation.
Tatyana Klimova little known about the investigation:
"He described to me a funny episode, came to him as an investigator and Guodong, showing" Bel ", read as though even there it is written, that at the moment Andrew did not wriggle. I think, this soft-spoken, that he had been trying to work through the newspaper. "
Investigator of Minsk Prosecutor Anatoly Guodong, who is in charge Klimova, refuses to comment on it. Previously, the investigator said that "the investigation is going to plan."
Tatyana Klimova states that every day receives a letter from her husband and wrote him an answer. On condition he does not complain. That’s what Andrew wrote about his camera, says Tatiana:
"The camera has a TV set, but it is very bad. And they demonstrate there is a standard set of municipal television programs. So makarom Andrew can stay in the skin of ordinary Belarusians brainwashed. "
Andrei Klimov newspapers until gets because they can subscribe to only the beginning of the month. In May, he will begin to receive the newspaper that his wife ensure:
"I decided to participate in the noble case of brainwashing and gave him a" Sovetskaya Belorussia. "That’s not counting the" Izvestia "," Komsomolskaya Pravda "," BelGazeta "," Belarusian market. "Unfortunately, we can not write the" Narodnaya Volya ","Nasha Niva"And" Free News ", since they are not included in the directory".
In 2005, when Andrei Klimov also was in a remand, Tatiana transferred to the prison library some books in including collection of aphorisms. On days of she received a message from her husband that this collection of aphorisms was in the chamber where he sits.
"I think a few aphorisms sages reassured him disturbed nervous system," — says Tatiana Klimova.
Recall, on charges of inciting to overthrow the government policy threatens to 3 years imprisonment. Earlier Klimov has already served more than four years in prison on charges of economic sins and 15 months of "chemistry" for the company street protests.

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