Andrei Klimov Recommend to forget that he was a deputy

Wife of the politician Tatyana Klimova times a day gets letters from her husband. It states that information about the investigation is very rather short: interrogations go, Andrew as previously pleaded not guilty and is not responding to questions.
But by some impressions from interviews with the investigator Anatoly Klimov Godunov still divided, says his wife:
"One question with the investigator Andrew particularly struck me. Guodong investigator Andrew assured to forget about some of the new pages of the history of Belarus — namely the existence of Supreme Council 13th Convocation and referendum. How to comment on this? Maybe it’s forgivable if you imagine that the young investigator and at the Time was little boy. "
Recall that in the 1995 elections to the Supreme Soviet of the 13th convocation, in which Andrei Klimov was one of the most influential deputies.
In 1996, Klimov supported impeachment Alexander Lukashenko and headed the committee, which collected evidence that President violates the Constitution.
According to Andrei Klimov and his colleagues in the opposition, specifically it was a prerequisite for his arrest in the late 1990s. Then he was sentenced to over four years in prison Economic charges.
As feels Andrei Klimov, a remand?
Tatyana Klimova says that he started prepyadstviya health. "Bullpen is not going to benefit anyone. Spouse often started taking medication. Was a case that the family did not take medication for Andrew, but with a second trial failed to give him all it must "- Says the wife of the politician.
The duty of the Minsk detention center refused to say about the state of health of the prisoner Andrei Klimov.
Investigator of Minsk Prosecutor Anatoly Guodong said that no matter what Andrew does not complain. Comment investigation investigator as ever refuses.
Andrei Klimov was arrested three weeks back and accused of calling to overthrow the government.

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