Andrew Khadanovich

Hodanovich Andrew — poet, translator and literary critic. Born February 13, 1973 in Minsk. Finished filfak BSU graduate studies at the Department of foreign literature. Teaches foreign (in including French) literature at the Faculty of Philology at BSU. Also teaches at the Lyceum named Kolasa and Belarusian Collegium. Translates from British, French, Polish and Ukrainian languages. Books created "Old Poems," "Letters from under a blanket", "Compatriots, or Belarusian Limerick», «From Belarus with Love», «Hundred li100v on», Last book "Berlibry" was published in 2008 Publishing "Logvinov." Andrew Hodanovich poems translated into 10 half-ka languages. In September of this year won the "Crystal Vilenica" at the International Literature Festival in Slovenia.

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