Antyalkagolnuyu company priest Bulka

"We wish to build a church near the cafe — says the priest. — I’m sitting at the monument of the case and see that lady came and three men — the chairman of the village council, consumer society, grower and designer. Already caused and demonstrate where it will be stand. I tell them to build more — shop around, and not about the church. "
Initiative erection cafe Mosar belongs Glubokoye rajpotrebsoyuza. That’s what he explained it, "Radio Liberty" vice-chairman Roman Anashkevich:
"There is a decision of the Council of Ministers on the development of tourism, which is written to open a retail outlet in the village Mosar. And we must do it. We appealed to the executive committee. So we were given a place according to the decision of the Council of Ministers on the development of tourism. We executive committee allocates space. Ban against the priest. "
Why Mosarsky priest resists? That’s what the priest said Bulka on this subject:

"Most of this award abbot: and sale there, and nobody drives moonshine"

"Not all people brought up: there is a man takes a half-liter, and then there will be drinking. And I, you know, leading the fight against alcoholism. I am fighting, and they contribute to alcoholism."
Fighting priest Bulka alcoholism in Mosar continues for about 2-decades. In the village, first of the number of believers, the abbot had many adherents. They are also against the construction RAJjPOTREBSOJuZA cafe. For example, Czeslaw Lavrynovych:
"We are against. Against kiosk. And what is it to us? Abbot did such beauty. And why they previously did not think about it? Why do we vodka? We also struggle against alcoholism. Currently no longer so. Velika this award abbot . And no implementation, and nobody drives moonshine. "
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