Applicants Chernobyl Way complained to the tribunal

One of the applicants Zenkovich Yuri said:
"We believe that the Minsk city executive committee violated the current law, which asks coordinate format, time and place of the action with the organizers. It made was not. The court pronounced us that in order to accept the complaint required the presence of 4 people, and I attended and Deputy chairman of the Party BPF Alexei Yanukevich. Or should we send a complaint by mail. Since mail was through the wall of the office of the judge, we went into the next room and mailed this complaint. "
Require applicants to follow up the complaint in the form of suspension solutions Mingorispolkom which forbade march from Yakub Kolas to Academy. According Zenkovich, the court has no reason not to satisfy this requirement.
Tomorrow at 12 hours applicants "Chernobyl Way" together with the chairman of the organizing committee Ivan Nikitchenko favorites political parties hold a press conference.

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