April 16 — a day of solidarity

Now young activists of the democratic movement in Minsk and regions will hang banners calling to release political prisoners, and portraits of the missing stick in crowded places. Agreed This time not satisfied with the large street protests, so as not to get in jail the other day of "Chernobyl Way". Youth BPF Franak Vyachorka believes it must, in general, to renounce the shares of 16 specific numbers.
"Solidarity actions will make sense if they are categorically change your own format, also own meaning. In recent months they have become less quantitative and provoke unnecessary, sometimes even unnecessary detention of those who passed the case of any political office or environment. Because I believe that we must first change the date, well, change the format. Maybe these solidarity actions connect not only with solidarity with political prisoners, and arrange some political information. "
Franak Vyachorka shared his thoughts on the format of shares:
"In the day of solidarity globally who tell such Lev Sapieha Belarus and who Lev Sapieha itself to Europe. And Belarusians again tell us about the situation of political prisoners, or about the situation with the media-independent. Shares need to change not only on the more peaceful, and more creative. Since the action was not normally a demonstration of our position, they become a demonstration of delirium authorities. "
Says the chairman of the committee of the repressed Inna Cooley:
"The theme of the 16th, which is known not only in Belarus, and in the world, it is a day of Solidarity and today solidarity with Belarus other country in the world should continue to sound. So people know that in this day people express support and political prisoners and those young people who were in the square, and those young people who are now in the ranks of the fighters. I think I should just change your strategy and we change the strategy of preventive protection of the youth, who disagrees with the current regime. "
In Ukraine, Poland, Estonia, USA, Germany, Latvia and Lithuania, Belarusian students together with representatives of local youth organizations will usually picketed and handed out informational materials about the political situation in Belarus.

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