As a famous Belarusian politicians and public figures will celebrate Easter?


Anatoly Lebedko with his own wife for Easter will be in their own parents in the village under Trylets column. The village lies between the rivers Neman and Sula. For parents and brother’s family arrived with their grandchildren. Favourite UCP remembered that his grandmother always painted Easter eggs, baked rolls and bread.
"Mom in rustic oven bake bread, which are incomparable with anything because of their smell is such that the language itself is stretched. Will eggs, all my … Always ordained salt, eggs, bread … All the houses at the same table . "
Arthur is already serving a sentence for "chemistry" in Mogilev for political graffiti, deprived of home heat. He does not expect to see the Easter cake and painted eggs.
"Well, where are the eggs? Who will paint them? There is neither the time nor the desire to paint them."
Statkevich does not exclude that it may be a work day. Manage special settlement in the village of Blon Pukhavichy district, where opposition is serving a sentence for a company of street demonstrations protest rigged elections and referendum 2004, he refused to visit my family for Easter.
"I hope that today will not work, as it was on Orthodox holidays, when I had to throw the manure from the farm. If it will not work, it will be the guests — friends, colleagues. No celebrations this situation unreal. "
To Chairman of the Belarusian Helsinki Committee Tatyana Protko Sunday come friends and neighbors. Human rights activist hopes that they will bring and Easter cake:
"Either buy, or people will give me cake. Well I do meat, but the test I only pizza something fails. Neighbors will come different faiths. We read on religious and everyday topics, as usual in humans."
Communist Sergei Kalyakin said that he never celebrated the Passover, because God does not believe.
"I know perfectly well the Christian ideology. There’s a lot of things and a lot of exciting and we share, the Communist Party, there are some differences. But I do not believe. Internally I do not believe, and therefore do not consider it necessary, as some politicians succumb to a fashion that Now there is, unfortunately. "
Favourite BPF Vintsuk Vyachorka will, together with his own family. Youngest daughter Jane has already prepared egg to carry them to church.
"We will be at home, and mom’s go."
Reporter: "And who will paint the egg?"
Vecherko: "I have their youngest daughter is very good at painting and onions, and paints and wax. She knows every way. As for belt, I hope that we will give them. "

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