As actors go into politics and politicians become actors

People theater and cinema to politics get quite often. They become members of parliament, favorites and activists of political parties. And even — presidents. Most brightest examples — Hollywood actor and then U.S. President Ronald Reagan. 2nd example: past president of the Czech playwright Vaclav Havel.
During perestroika in the Russian alliance among the founders of democratic movements and parties were also artists. For example, in Lithuania, they formed "Sąjūdis." Company headed by musicologist Vytautas Landsbergis. Headquarters housed in the premises of the Union of theatrical figures, driven by actor Regimantas Adomaitis.
In 1989, control of the Belarusian Popular Front began in drama Zenon Pozniak. Front members were directors and Valery Valery Masliukov Mazynsky, playwright, theater director Arthur Volsky young audience.
The founders of the first democratic parties, namely, the United civilian parties were playwright, currently managing Drama Theatre of the Belarusian Army Alexei Dudarev and director, artistic director of the State Academic Drama Theater named after Maxim bitter Boris Lutsenko. But as stated Lutsenko emperor, his political experience had brought him only disappointment:
"Then there was the euphoria of perestroika. According to the latest least so I thought. Later I very very disappointed in those who Tipo produces policy. We even once had a meeting with Zenon Pozniak (we had once trained together), I say : Zeno, how are you? And he says to me: yes, brother, politics — a dirty business. expressed himself so. Because I believe everyone should be engaged. realize we do not sufficiently released, so little life given, than willingsmiling engage her lover creativity — directing. And engage in politics at the moment I do not hunt at all. So what is the policy? Is that — going to demonstrations? So this is not politics! . "
"Politics — it’s the same theater"
Founder and chief director of the Minsk theater satire and humor, "Christopher" Eugene Kryzhanovsky in 2001 announced his intention to run in the presidential elections. The active group Kryzhanowski failed to collect sufficient signatures to sign up for a presidential candidate. Kryzhanovsky associates face in theater and political activities:
"Politics — is the theater: with actors, with extras, then, what they say"King of the environment plays." Shakespeare read: whole world — theater and people are actors. And Tony Blair was the same actor, like Yeltsin, Gorbachev, Hitler, Neron. This is all the artists. "
Reporter: "And in your case, too, before this was a game?"
"I never had a goal to go into politics. But since the theater was a non-state (he is currently private) and my tongue was very long (there" blurt "there) have led to the fact that I ended up on the TV to start up, Close gear "mon with" Christopher "municipal media not cooperate. Then I just got angry and think, this is how, well, that now I will be afraid. And he went to the presidential campaign. Unfortunately, only for himself hurt. Began pressing. I’m not offended by those who committed this pressure, since, as stated, he went — did not know that the enemy will? Later I got my very palpable: Theater and hurt and myself. Well, what can you do? This is a severe case. This is not theater, it’s life. "
Director Valery Mazynsky he founded the theater in "Free Stage" staged performances with sharply satirical and topical content. Most sensational statement — "The Rise and Fall of Arthur Wee" staged Bertolda Brecht. In the play the protagonist recalls managing Belarus.
Valeria Mazynskogo fired from the theater in 2003, the year
During the presidential campaign in 2006 director teamed presidential candidate Alexander Milinkevich:
"Theatre of my horizon stepped aside. Maybe forever, who knows. Well, I do not think he must be one in my life and for eternity. Thank God I realized this when he lost, but life was not only due to the scaffolding. It is extensive and more than fascinating. "
Reporter: "But if there were no suggestions of Milinkevich, you yourself would join a company?"
"For me, anyway, what Milinkevich that Liabedzka that Vyachorka. If a person is controlled by democratic gaze, then I am a fan of his in this case. And who of them to help me — I do not care. Just be a victory."
Now deputy
and the Council of the Republic of the National Assembly of the State Theatre is an actress Kolas Svetlana District: the House of Representatives last works director State Yanka Kupala Theater Gennady Davydko.
Previously, the Council of the Republic of deputies were actor Yanka Kupala Theatre (now deceased) actor Nikolai Eremenko Russian Theatre Rostislav Jankowski.

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