As commemorated Lew Sapieha in Grodno?

Sapieha tried to bring the country’s legal standard
The initiator of the conference was Dr. Svetlana Morozova. She argues that there is in Grodno, in 1-x, good historical school, and, in-2, Lev Sapieha had a lot to this town.
Morozov: "Certainly, between Grodno and Sapieha has historical connection. Sapieha was among the last municipal husband who was in ancient castle near the Stefan Batory in his last moment. Specifically Sapieha wrote members of the government in Vilnius message about the death of the king and called them here , Grodno, to deal with urgent cases. "
At the conference, many scientists now report the researchers struck from Brest Gennady Pronevich "Lev Sapieha — a man of the third millennium." Creator showed Sapieha as a practical politician who in the XVI century. sought to embody the idea of humanism in social life, to embody the legal standard of the country, the idea of individual freedom, to make legal guarantees.

G.Pranevich: "At the present day such persons universal gifted … we do not have. "

I asked the emperor Pronevich who of modern Belarusian politicians, he would put next to Leo Sapieha:
Pronevich: "At present day such persons universal gifted, linking inside the property of a prominent politician, humanist, cultural studies, the philosopher, a man who could so painstakingly sees the path to realization of the standards, we do not have. "
In other places, activities planned, but did not take place
As for Chancellor Sapieha anniversary celebration in the Grodno region, the respective holding events planned in several cities, but now nothing never happened. In Lida, for example, as said me at the museum Valery Slivkin were scheduled several lectures in schools, but they did not work.
TBM member Stanislav Sudnik appealed to the authorities of the town of Lida on condition that one of the streets dubbed naming Lew Sapieha.
As said in the editorial "Newspapers Slonim" in the town now is not configured any celebrations, but generally rely, that there must seem monument Lyavu Sapieha.
"Figure Sapieha can unite all people of the country, regardless of their political views"
Lew Sapieha Foundation member, historian and ethnographer of Grodno Vladimir Khilmanovich states that fund their proposed another first year municipal and public organizations declare Lew Sapieha year memory. The fund any activities not satisfied, because it does not have the means.
Says Vladimir Khilmanovich:
"Naturally, this anniversary had celebrate the best in most halls of the country. It was sound in parliament. After such a day — a large public prazdnichek. Besides, the figure L.Sapegi can unite all people of the country, regardless of their political views. "

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