As public space adapted for wheelchair users?

In the President’s Administration not entered — the narrow door
May 5 wheelchair users held a rally in Bangalore Square, and later went to the Presidential Administration, to submit its petition bureaucrats. They overcame the highest curbs laviravali between machines that did not stop moving. They broke through the cordon two SWAT officers. If the wheelchair got to the Presidential Administration building and when bureaucrats agreed to take them and to listen, it was found that people with disabilities can not get into a public reception. There are narrow door that enter the wheelchair unreal.
Wheelchair users can enter the building for special say which is called ramp bannister. Ramps, handrails, wide doors, also located on the ground level of the small switches — all together it is called a barrier-free environment.
Most of the municipal institutions, sports facilities, shops, public toilets and even hospitals do not meet the standards of a barrier-free environment
As the manager of the Republican Association of wheelchair Sergei Drozdowski, people 10s years of age must sit in the 4 walls of the apartments are already as the elevator door is not designed for the width of the stroller:
"The town center — still all right. But this is partly for those who travels by car and build new in" architecture "through the glass. And virtually nothing. Speaking of regions if to leave town over the line, then it’s just acquires tragic scale and shape. In principle, the new houses are more or less trying to address the requirements. But again, go to method of least resistance. Suppose turning into society of persons with disabilities and ask: will live with disabilities in this house? There will naturally answer: we can not afford an apartment. No? Well, well, doskorogo goodbye. And the house is not equipped. No even those interest to be be in the order of mandatory. "
"Everywhere stage; ramp is not even on the entrance"
Daria Fox from Zalesye that Smorgon district of the Grodno region, 2004, graduated in absentia Belarusian Belarusian Philology and Culture Municipal Pedagogical University named after Maxim Tank. True, at first desire was to study at a language institute since, as stated, the French for admission knew better than even Belarus. Vosprepyadstvovalo more:
"Almost a few months I decided to enter on filfak for the simple reason that I Linguistic no ability to get — no ramps or elevators. Filfak BSU — also three floors with no elevator. Completely unsuitable buildings. But I humanities because I got filfak Pedagogical. "
Reporter: "In other words, there is more or less equipped?"
"If you do not believe there Lift is only called from downstairs. Vedesh in a wheelchair on the fifth (and I learn was necessary fifth is not where our faculty) padymessya parents, and later my father or my mother running down to this lift and cause me to come down. And if you move to another building, the stage everywhere, there is not even a ramp at the entrance. So what about the criteria can be read only conditionally. "
"The real number of people with disabilities — about a million people
Disabilities they say, in the sense that Minsk barrier-free environment not enough than different from small towns. In confined to a wheelchair poet Nina Matyas in Russian Time wasand the opportunity to move from Belaaziorsk in Minsk. But she is convinced that if left in a small town, made the right choice. At least, local authorities went to meet her and made an additional ramp, through which, as stated Nina leaves in light.
"I must, unfortunately, physical assistance. Moral too, although they say to me that I get energy, and I padsilkovvayusya his friendship and mentally too. But I need physical care and, because I’m limited to the walls. Though, again, the same thanks to friends who have caught me here this cart, places I have increased, the wall parted and with the advent of the heat I’m on the street. "
According to official statistics, every year become disabled in Belarus about 50 thousand people. Of these about 4 thousand — kids. Total in the country over half a million disabled people, of which 30 thousand — young old people up to 18 years.
Representatives of the Republican Association of wheelchair users, argue that the true number of people with disabilities is 10% of the population, and it is — about a million people.

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