As the fate of large retirees?

SheimanOne of favorite topics in the web of the Belarusian soon — fate Viktor Sheiman, former head of the Security Council and colleague Alexander Lukashenko since the early 1990s, when both were members of the Supreme Council. I recall Sheiman listed among banned in the U.S. and the EU because of possible involvement in the political disappearances.
After retirement nedavneshney Sheiman was only manage Belarusian-Venezuelan Commission in cooperation. According to the journalist Sergei Satsuk, in this capacity, he last week Tipo again traveled to Venezuela.
Interested in travel journalist Viktor Sheiman forced rumors that the last bureaucrat Tipo committed suicide. Sergei Satsuk states that indirectly confirmed this news to several sources at once in power, but later found a man who said that days are greeted Viktor Sheiman hand. And yet by the end of Sergei Satsuk not believe this, and disk imaging:
"Small doubt to This time are. After all his earlier trip to Venezuela anansavalisya and now Tipo gone, but not mentioned anywhere. I do not exclude that such indeed elaborated version of his defeat and checked the public reaction to it. Maybe if from him to quietly get rid of? Maybe someone decided to check. "
Journalist Sergei Satsuk remembers about the last significant cleaning power structures: changed all substituents Secretary of the Security Council, deputy head of the KGB changed, many staffing configurations at the top of the Interior Ministry and the Department of Investigation cash. Sergei Satsuk, resigned sent people who were associated with Viktor Sheiman, and this confirmation that group to fight Victor Sheiman grouped son Victor Lukashenko overcome youth.
With the KGB — to ambassadors and the metal road

Stepan SukharenkoHead past the KGB Stepan Sukharenko that during the last presidential elections famous statements about the "dead rats" went ambassador to Armenia. Meanwhile Belarus around him passions subside. There is evidence, whereby Brest Tipo arrested relative Sukharenko, head of the customs pt "Kozlovichi" Vitaly Dudik. General Prosecutor’s Office does not confirm this information, and does not refute.
Many of the former retirees left for Moscow. For example, in the transport management company "Gazprom" runs past the Belarusian head of the railroad Victor Rakhmanko that Supreme Tribunal of Belarus was convicted on several articles of the Criminal Code, but in jail and has not got. According to unconfirmed reports, in "Gazprom" and tried to get Galina Zhuravkova. The former head office of the president was also sentenced to imprisonment, but Alexander Lukashenko has pardoned her. Mrs. Zhuravkova managed to settle in Moscow, is unclear.
But the former KGB chairman Leonid Erin assist in employment first profession Railroad — now the emperor Erin works at the chief adviser to Russian steel road.
Not so well fates retirees who stayed in Minsk. Out of a large head of administration policy last Leonid Sinitsyn. Previous managing director of President Ivan Titenkov tried to do business in Moscow, but came back and waits for a new destination Tipo. Last retiree from the post of head of administration Gennady Nyavyhlas attend soccer competitions — he stayed manage respective federations, but another post and still do.

Alexander FyadutaHow does Alexander Lukashenko former comrades sent to resign? That’s what I asked Alexander Feduta that the middle of the 1990s ran disk imaging control presidential administration. Whether it supports them further, or revenge for something or forgets? According to Alexander Feduta, revenge, he did not feel. But the president’s entourage that remains relates to retiree without sentimentality:
"Frame it contagious, allegedly from their plague or cholera some. Know, for example, that one of the former managers presidential administration works as a night watchman. Guards, obviously, not a personal guard. There are those who, when they behold the me frightened and then move on the other side. But there is a tragic fate. Previous Transport Minister after the resignation of Alexander Lukashov not found work and committed suicide. This is the worst thing that can be. "

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