Australia refused to procurement of F-35 fighters

Australia refused to procurement of F-35 fighters 

Apparently, Australia quite decided that the vaunted F-35 fighters are very expensive for her. How influential newspaper said «Sydney Morning Herald», referring to the copies of the documents acquired to modernize its own Air Force Canberra purchase 24 F/A-18 F totaling two billion dollars. Earlier it was planned that the armed forces will have a greenish mainland F-35.

About fundamentally addressing the Australian Government became clear when the publication has received the copy of the unreleased «snow-white books» Ministry of Defence for 2013. The document says that by 2020 the country’s air force received only two of the F-35 A Joint Strike Fighter, manufactured by Lockheed Martin. Buying this pair Canberra has long promised Washington. But plans to purchase a large batch F-35 is not destiny realized. Instead of obsolete military vehicles Australia purchase two billion dollars 24 aircraft F/A-18 F Super Hornet Group Boeing. Specifically F/A-18 will be the primary machine Royal Australian Air Force.

«Until the end of the decade, our Armed Forces will receive three destroyers, two amphibious ship with helicopters and two F-35 Joint Strike Fighter», — quotes the «Sydney Morning Herald» report. According to experts, this is exactly states that Australia will modernize the Air Force by buying F/A-18 F Super Hornet. Earlier it was expected that by 2020, Canberra will buy 12 F-35 units. The report diplomatically noted that the government greenish continent «continues to adhere to the submission of the need» acquisition of the F-35, but no specific plans for this point.

Military experts at note: Canberra realized that fighter fifth generation F-35 although superior F/A-18, but very expensive. Any machine expensive opponent by 40 million dollars.

Note that in the beginning «to provide air dominance in the air in the region» Australia was going to buy in 2030 as many as 100 F-35 aircraft. But it soon became clear that the pro-sounding statements have to forget and appetite diminished. To the dismay of U.S. bolshennomu Australia began to reduce the number of planned procurement of aircraft, taking the total to 12 units. Now generally guaranteed to be purchased only two machines F-35. His opponent in the face F/A-18 F was more suitable for Canberra on totality of reasons. In general, the defense minister of Australia more than once hinted that the cost to the «invisible» The F-35 is very high.

Local experts differently rated this government decision. Some expressed regret, noting that the F-35 — a more powerful machine. Others agreed, admitting that while Canberra simply does not need the F-35, and therefore without problems can save by buying less modern, but still massive and reliable fighters FA/18 F.

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