Ballet Legend of person Eulenspiegel played for the umpteenth time

Premiere of "Legend of the person Eulenspiegel" Yevgeny Glebov, or simply "Til", often referred to as the spectacle, held in Minsk in 1973, directed by Otar Dadyshkiliyani — so called First edition of the ballet, which consisted then of 3 acts. Later, in 1979, the latest statement of the Belarusian scene gave Valentin Yelizariev. In 2004 play back and improved.
In the 1970’s hold on the scene "Til" was hard: the composer had to confront the bureaucrats from the music, who did not understand why writing a ballet on such a plot. CONTRIBUTE nothing but great things to Masherov, knows the widow of composer Larissa Glebova.
Glebov: "When he began work on this ballet, all he was asked a question: why in Belarus" Til "? But when that same question was asked by Peter Masherov to which Evgeny came to ask permission to do so write this ballet and so he was signed. Evgeny said delightful phrase: "Every people has such a hero as Thiel, but not every nation has the Charles de Coster, who wrote so much about it."
People’s Artist of Belarus Yury Troyan danced the title role in the first version of the play in a pair with the famous dancer Lyudmila Brzhozovskaya, People’s Artist of Belarus. But for now, he admits that he likes another version. Because Yury Troyan always comes with delight to look at new and Nele Thiel — Denis and Olga Klimuk nut.
Trojan: "From my viewpoint, this show is much more exciting. More modern, more terse, brighter. Very strong spectacle. I watch it with pleasure. Previously danced with delight, and at the moment I look with pleasure. "
In time "Till" was held in almost all theaters of the former Russian Union, but nowhere performance is not delayed much forever, as in Minsk. Belarusian ballet based on the novel by Charles Henri de Coster This time kept in the repertoire and collects little self whenever two thirds of the hall. It is the only theater work Glebova, who as ever played at home composer. And here’s a thought to return the "Alpine ballad" support she found.
Dyrygent Vyacheslav Volich that produced staging the latest version of the play, the score calls "face Eulenspiegel" very high quality music. Glebov was a real master of orchestral writing and good musical dramatist. Universality of his compositional thinking makes "Eulenspiegel" clear and popular, said Vyacheslav Volich.
Volich: "He drew attention not only on any local topics close to every Belarusian, but on a global scale, universal, and are understood by the person in Europe and Asia and on other continents. After all, love and freedom, freedom — category is endless, without which no one person can not exist. "

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