Baran: We have a large part of the mind — and because the battle!

Dvanatstsatsitysyachnuyu Baran that eight miles from Orsha, who consider themselves inhabitants of the village workers who suburb. Although Hetman majestically Duchy Christopher Radziwill city laid on Barani almost 410 years ago.
A place in the Russian time given the status of the town — in fact built a production plant here military communications "Reddish October".
But now the fate of the then "build giant" unenviable — lost former industrial communications markets. No demand even on police radio that Baran provided the entire socialist camp, Cuba and also pro-Soviet regimes in Africa and Asia. One year, in different points of the planet they were sent as many as one million. Mentions wife Anna and Vasily Levchenkova:
Levchenkova: "If it was about 9 thousand workers, excellent earning then. There was a very high-technology plant with an abundance of people with the mind" above average. "Went everywhere people with higher education — from Minsk, St. Petersburg, Voronezh. During independence was a competition for new title company. win this competition title "Destiny." And stylized bukovkoy were reddish and crisp white from the side. Fate Barani became white-red-white … "
Does not have a title area and relationships to known zhyveavl, says local historian and compiler of a directory of historical Baran Viktor Mikhasev.

Mikhasev: "At the end of the 60s such was the level of Russian Studies. Then created the factory museum, and three engineers invented the bike sat so that drove the prince saw a sheep on the field — and went away Baran. But I know personally those who wove this legend. And an animal unfairly incriminated in nedalekastsi, it has no business.
In here there are several versions. Baran was such a river. There Balkans Baran — in Serbian is the highest place among the dry forests. And there are documents XV-XVI centuries, which was the main occupation here apiculture — honey collection for sale on the Dnieper, to Kiev. "
Know better barantsy modern history — here it has gone through the fate of most people.
In the days of August 1991 they hung over skyscraper zavodakiravannya big poster — "Fascism will not pass!". In 1993 barantsy were in the midst of the first people in a symbol of protest against the increase in prices and low wages metal blocked the road from Moscow to Brest.
And then there was born the Free Trade Union of Metalworkers. Coupled with his favorite Basil today Levchenkova meet on the street and its first chairman, 57-year-old monarch Gurchankava. Misha Zmitravich younger by sight, recalling the time.
Gurchenko: "Go all Baran — we organized a column buses drove. Stood a day or two. Eighty percent of workers were. And there was a union. At the first meeting there were eight people, and after — 500.
We showed people what to fight for their rights: Reduced illegally dismissed, removed penalty. Won almost all courts. With years on the casting raise prices and wages. Did strike in Italian — at work to be, but do nothing. "
Now "be at work, but do nothing" should already zavodchane "Destiny", which remains the least half thousand. As they say here, and payphones shifanerov iron remaining in the range, the country lacks.
Fact: only in December last year for the first time in fifteen years worked even with a small income.
5 of gardens in the town were two. No children’s camp in decline once the best in the Vitebsk region Stadionnaya playground.
As for the home … Let’s hear what 33-year-old Victor adjuster that works for "Destiny" for eight years. The same number of lives in a workers’ hostel.

Victor: "In the future, nothing, because city council does not allocate the plant home. Conditions — nowhere more. Residence, as a thoroughfare. Fete which — for the entire corridor hear kids are not asleep. Winter cold blowing. At heart, both in summer the water is cool. Toddlers on draft, it happens to be ill.
The main thing — there are other rooms available hostels, but not isolated. They say when one child — "not allowed" two rooms. And for whom they hide, I do not know — perhaps to their own friends. "
And the last city council deputy Galina Baran Matiushenko calls "port city":
Matyushenko: "We have some" Sailor "in the town: a huge number of guys is on the earnings in" swimming "- six months. All efforts in educating kids fall on the mother. Families bad, because there is no parental care."
Even brave knights of the local club "Mansalvat" which is already 5 years headed unemployed seamstress mother and 2-malehankih children Tatiana Mukhina leave.
Mukhina: "After coming no chivalrous nor human. Enter universities, clubs Vitebsk, Minsk and Poland."
Those who remained, lozhut responsibility for the situation in the power and in person at the head of the country. By the way, ah so the image of the president changed with age in 58-year-old locksmith sovereign Nicholas Brown:
Brown: "As president, I respected him — active per se. But immediately did not like how he canceled TV broadcasting of parliamentary sessions. Truth we actually ended know — is" doing great. "
Later, in 1997, Lukashenko arrived in Baran. On krutaletse landed, met the administration of our bunch. He did not like that has not been put tribune. And he just threw in a lot of "Dismiss" Here I thought. He said: "Well, I’ll show these to you strike!"
Who does not like the president Shpynev vbelenyh haired ministers — both boys. And — "pasture, will punish". Very frequent searches. Rating it fell in my sight. "
Yet, the political life in Baran boiled and vibrates. Here is the removal of all political parties. The latter campaign for the local council, according to the observations of professionals, was not whether the most controversial in the country.
Recently the voting unknown distributed leaflets about 4-independent candidates where they are called "agents and stooges of Western intelligence services who live on handouts." Incidentally, the last characteristic ideology insists secretary of the District Committee of the PBC, 79-year-old Anatoly Kasyanov.

Reporter: "Do you really think that Baranja and intelligence agencies are funding the opposition?
Kasyanov: "I do not think I know that’s for sure. Directly who gets how much, I can not say. But they go abroad on various seminars — clear for what means. America is currently headed by the magnates of capital around the world. We collected Veterans Council, each asked to make campaign group, printed materials … "
When told about the meeting-independent chairman Vasily Levchenkova metalworkers’ union, he could not help laughing — they say, and that’s where the ears grow.
Incidentally, the union got most favorite of all. To discredit him made custom rubber stamp, where a stylized swastika blackened bukovkoy "BPF" — such a stamp put on Levchenkova election materials. The creator of such invention is not even hiding, as the Emperor Basil told workers associations "Destiny".
Levchenkov: "Workers, who sat with this Victor, a former warrant officer, electrician work, beheld as he carves this rubber stamp."
A month later, the police were obliged to take all the same criminal case against navetchikov. But during my trip is the second case was opened against all of the same Levchenkova. At the time of ether referee Kolesnik Orsha City Court fined him 300 thousand rubles. Knows the emperor Basil:
Levchenkov: "In 2005 he received currency transfer from sibling to 1000. Under our legislation, this amount does not have to declare and pay taxes with it. And when I filed a declaration in Orsha Election Commission outlined its size and from whom.
They gave to the tax office to check, where i
t appeared that the translations are not filled brother, who was injured right hand, and his wife. And already acted second document, where the notion of kinship — in Russian, "property", according to which the funds are not subject to taxation, and sent to other relatives. "
Meanwhile, according to information from the same inspection, unpaid tax amounted to about 7 thousand rubles — 40 times less than fined. Levchenkov decided to go through all the courts — right up to the Commission on Human Rights at the United Nations.
The opposition, incidentally, is in Baran another strong electorate — about three hundred businessmen working in trade, furniture and clothing production. Galina knows Matiushenko that led two years reversing entrepreneurial strike:
Matyushenko: "Problems of business, as in all small towns — need preferential taxation, since the least amount of people, the least developed infrastructure. This lowering of the rent of land, increase workers who can be hired — not three, and more. Country again in a pre-strike condition. Barani In they do not take to the streets, and not go to work — sitting strike. "
And local business great ability. Rent a trade or working area in Baran twice cheaper than in the near Orsha. Ms. Matyushenko continues.
Matyushenko: "To develop small and medium-sized businesses, we have a large free area of our plant, on the ground which can be would make Technopark or business incubator. This promotion of commercial companies, creating jobs, cleaning service on preferential criteria. "
In Baranja City Council davneshnie tradition factional activities. However, after the above mentioned events from opposition MPs passed only member of the Belarusian Social Democratic Party "Gromada" 48-year-old Victor Mikhasev.
Reporter: "Be you fundamentally party members?"
Mikhasev: "Naturally, although the leaflet could would not write. In most games work with deputies last 4-years has taken place, even emotional support did not feel. Principle in that I do not want to go to opportunistic things — "hard, then run." And Kozulin not worked — this is my personal decision. We were at each session of the City Council initiatives. We have been contacted inhabitants, because they knew that the issue would be raised. "
Local opposition, failed as they say, unreal. Not only to preserve, and to give the status of the monument raschudesnye local nature park with old pine and maple alley, which is located within the boundaries of the town on the ground of 10 hectares. Last deputy and girlfriend Anna BPF Levchenkova put it in life and does the soul.

Levchenkova: "When I was campaigning, people read: Nazis did not sawed in our fleet, and sawing tips! Mikhaseva guard cursed -" we will indicate 106 million allocated, we internalize them! "Internalized plan accomplishment, spilavavshy 6 ancient pines, birches , lime, wild cherry.
I signed a letter in Mikhasev recognizable people. We have concluded Vitebsk Institute — they looked at the cross for pilavannya that were put on 50% pines yes gasped as those still standing, although the age of 120-150 years. To save the park, needed give it status. I made a document representation. And the decision of district council — uttered, do itself. I have made. "
During the trip, everything was intense my respects to the family Levchenkova. Homage to how alternately reach conviction review goals. And without hesitation or fear.
For example, Vasily Levchenko sure and today Will he and his friends noted prazdnichek the streets of the town, as well as previous years. Another of his recollection.

Levchenkov: "Our union flag — on a white-red-white background reads" SPM "- the Free Trade Union of Metalworkers. This differs from the state. At seven o’clock in the morning went to the outskirts and walked across the Baran. At the end I saw the police, some- where they began to call, but I quickly twisted pole with 2 parts. And — went to the factory.
The watchman said that a call from the police, went there with a flag. Uttered, not beheld. Police and did not come. And from that, it seems that people are not such a bad attitude, power rages. Young people, so just have your Baran, its Belarus ".

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