Based on research Ravens determines the average age of the coming man in 125 years.

"Star" in the 1927 report: "The well-known researcher in the field of theory and practice rejuvenation Dr. Voronov, speaking recently at a party of British and American journalists who reported on their own recent work. He said he just did 1,000 operations rejuvenation. In addition, rejuvenation surgery was prepared Multi tyschah animals. Based on these research Ravens determines the average age of a person coming in 125 years, with all this foretells that their old age will continuesmiling less than 3 months. "
In 1977, from the pages of "Red Configuration" of the Presidency Supreme Council BSSR, Ph.D. Elizabeth Chagina warns: "Remnants of the past in the minds and behavior of people saved partly under the influence of bourgeois ideology is integrally connected with the habits and notions of morality privately." Processing "people’s consciousness of the socialist states intensively engaged in the bourgeois press and radio. Purpose of this treatment — vaccinate people of the socialist countries, especially the young, bourgeois world view, bourgeois individualism, which is characterized as "personal freedom."
In 1987, "Evening Minsk" published this advertisement: "Cinema" Moscow ", April 13-19, kinadrama" symbol of failure "(two series), based on the novel of the national writer Vasil Bykov BSSR. Studio" BelarusFilm. "Director — Misha Ptashuk, operator — Tatiana Loginova, painter — Vladimir Dement’ev in major roles Nina Ruslanova Gennady Garbuk. At the box office number 6 cinema opened preparatory tickets. Applications for collective visit. "

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