BBC RUSSIAN HARDLY pleased with the decision on the MiG-35

BBC RUSSIAN HARDLY pleased with the decision on the MiG-35
The program supplies for the Russian Air Force ordered 37 advanced multi-role MiG-35 delayed until 2016, reports August 21. Originally scheduled to begin deliveries this year. Deputy Defense Minister Yuri Borisov accused the industry of «unwillingness to perform the contract.»
«We have postponed until 2016 purchase of MiG-35 and will buy 16 MiG-29 SMT. The Ministry of Finance is not against such decisions, «he said on August 20. A few of days before the newspaper «Kommersant» said that the acquisition of MiG-35 in the amount of 1.1 billion U.S. dollars postponed. «MiG Corporation will need three years to bring the design of the MiG-35 to suitable conditions and make it mass production. We will continue to purchase the MiG-29 SMT to maintain the aviation industry, «the newspaper said an anonymous source from the Ministry of Defence.
War Department planned to sign a contract with RAC «MiG» on the MiG-35 in June, but the manager of the company Sergey Korotkov said while the Russian media that the contract is not signed yet.
Russian Air Force already has 28 MiG-29 SMT, from which in 2007 refused to Algeria. These aircraft were equipped with new equipment under the Russian demands.
While there are no comments from the Air Force, but is unlikely to make them happy is the news. MiG-29 SMT is forthcoming development of an old model MiG-29A and innovation applied to it, which were to be used on the MiG-29M, namely, extra fuel tanks, functional radar «Zhuk-ME», advanced avionics and upgraded engines RD-33 ? but without thrust vector control.
The main differences between the MiG-35 MiG-29 SMT from radar are active phased array (AESA) «Zhuk-AE», electro-optical system and the RL-35 engines with thrust vector control.

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