BCD activist expelled from Mogilev Institute

The institute activist disaccustomed the history department three courses. In the dean’s office for a formal occasion deductions called Tipo unsatisfactory progress in student learning. The very same activist argues that the real reason for the exception — its political activities.
Regional Coordinator of the organizing committee of the association "Belarusian Christian Democracy" Tatiana Shambalova participated in campaign as a candidate for deputatstvo House of Representatives. She was the youngest contender for the opposition. Team 21-year-old activist gathered in support of the vote in 1066. Election Commission of the Mogilev same-Industrial Area is not registered it, citing the fact that many Tipo found invalid signatures:
"While I am not registered a candidate, but, naturally, these students are not required to Mogilev municipal university named Kuleshov, because I did not put forward BRYU and United Democratic force their single list ", — says Tatiana Shambalova.
In the dean’s office report that the exclusion of Tatiana Shambalovu Institute has already been resolved. There notice that no political circumstances in this finding is not:
"Soon there will be order. It is not passed two exams Commission on positive evaluation. She did not initially handed session in June. Later in late August were debt elimination, and she again received unsatisfactory ratings. It Three years studied very little. "
Very own activist level study evaluates the average.
"I had no problems with the delivery of sessions over 3 years, not counting last until the Institute did not know that I’m going to run for the House of Representatives," — says Ms. Shambalova.
Despite the statements of the deanery of the dismissal, Tatiana Shambalova now pay a visit to the Institute:
"I came to the couple on their own any specialty — on the archeology of the Stone and Bronze Ages in Belarus on the archeology of the Middle Ages."
Activist wants to study in Belarus, but believes after contributions and role in the election campaign it will not allow the authorities. She hopes to help the committee of the repressed "Solidarity".
Chairman of the Committee Inna Cooley argues that Tatiana Shambalovu have the opportunity to continue their studies at a foreign school. According to her, about 85 students from Belarus started the new school year outside own country.
Inna Cooley notes that the Committee monitors the role of patriotic young people in today’s campaign:
"Constantly we fix violations. Every week these data are sent to international organizations and the OSCE. Students who are excluded from Belarusian universities for dissent and active plainclothes position, help international applets."

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