Became a multimillionaire opposite inhabitant Vitebsk Boris Khamaida

On this week 1927 Grodno "Gwiazda Mlodziezy" under the heading "What should know about Easter?" writes: "The second tradition Easter Happy holiday — it is a custom to share testicles. turns out that this custom was taken by the Christian religion from distant pagan times. Testis — is generally vserasprostranenny sign of spring. All living things are born from eggs. Because it has long number d emblem prazdnichka spring — the emblem of life, multiplication, an emblem of nature, who wakes up from its winter sleep. "
"Friendly staff will Subbotnik bristle-shchotachnay factory — proudly proclaims 1977" Evening Minsk. "- Head of prazdnichka labor, who heads the company’s director N.M.Volkav, brought to each manufacturing site specific task. Work day in day collective of the factory to manufacture products to 13.5 thousand rubles. Savings on raw materials will work dial-up and hair department. All preliminary work to "reddish Saturday" at the factory have been completed. "
On This week in 1997 "Vitebsk Courier" notes: "multimillionaire opposite" The inhabitants of Vitebsk Boris Khamaida. The amount of fines, they acquired their decisions for a fortnight, was 27 million rubles … When these lines are written, prior to adding a new Khamajda fines. Maybe Boris will be put in jail for 5 days. And it is — true. It generally does not make sense to penalize as personal property patriot Belarus consists of some clothes and shoes, which he continued to wear, hats and shopping bags for newspapers and dry afternoon. Therefore it is better to plant it. "

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