Before the Congress of Democratic Forces held seven regional meetings (refreshed)

Assembly decide to elect or not to elect a favorite
Party conference Anatoly Lebedko states that heads of central structures within the political council in Vilnius zabavyazalisya making any decisions regional coalition structures. Decided to hold seven regional meetings.
"They are involved, those who went through a political campaign" Local elections ", as delegates of the previous Congress, which chose to meetings or to carry out parliamentary campaign. 7 The composition of regional congresses answers those questions that we could not decide on the Commission and that pagadnyalnay to the nearest time is a dead end.

Lebedko: "If a majority of the Assembly will vote for it, so choose, so be it. And it is accepted by all state leaders."

Almost 7 meetings will be voted on. For example, to elect or not to elect a favorite. If a large assembly would speak for to select (by Congress or political council), then so be it. And it is accepted by all state favorites, "- said Lebedko.
Milinkevich agree
Head of the political council of the united democratic forces Alyaksandr Milinkevich, who also participated in the conference, endorses the decision to extend massive law specifically regional structures:

A.Milinkevich "It is very the wisest course … Regional idea very principled. "

"I think it is very the wisest course — as when we were deadlocked principally refer the matter to the person who can express the collective worldview. And the idea of regional very principled. And let specifically these people utter need a coalition favorite or not needed, as to hold a congress, etc. This — a reasonable solution. "
Proposals must still approve the Political Council
Milinkevich Emperor explained that nine members of the council who participated in the conference, supported the proposals. But that they have entered into a legitimate force, they must still navigate through the meeting of the Political Council. It is planned for the following Friday.
It is understood that each meeting will involve up to 150 people. Anatoly Lebedko states that regional meetings can be held during the next 3 weeks.

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