Belarus and Latvia count losses from Russian pipeline

Not yet calculated the loss from the first tragedy in the Russian pipeline as work began on the elimination of the other. Also in the area on May 5 Beshenkovichi eventually break the surface resulted from 500 to 1,000 tons of fuel. Contaminated with about 50 square km area.
"There is war previously: it was and Vitebsk, Minsk authorities and was …"
The coming to the scene village — Babaedava.
"Ay, there’s more than the war was previously: it was and Vitebsk, Minsk and was boss — says local residents Peter Semenido. — Beshenkovichi en banc was very many police. Diesel fuel, which the channel was already taken, so as not to hit the Vulyanku. And at the moment there do tehdoglyad. A lot of work. Pipe currently mothballed, will no longer start up. "
Peter Semenido believes that the tragedy occurred due to the aging pipeline. After all, still remembers how it blazed 50 years years ago. Obsolescence of physical design as one of the circumstances of the crash, as experts call a special commission. But the final decision about the upcoming operation of the pipeline could be made only at the level of the government, says spokesman Vitaly Novitsky MOE:
"One of the possible devices — this commission emergencies at the Council of Ministers. This committee can advise the Council of Ministers to take any measures katigorichnye. But in order to go out with such offers, you need to know exactly what the cause of the tragedy.’s This reason, the second tragedy, it is 100 per cent is not yet known. There are different versions, such as physical deterioration. Maybe soil and space due to the impact of groundwater. "
"We have the first case of loss can not count! .."
Sovereign Novitsky says that at the moment on the scene are about 50 pieces of equipment and hundreds of people around. Dimensions of the monetary costs to eliminate this tragedy will be known upon completion of work. Loss from the previous incident amounted to about 70 thousands of dollars U.S. holder that transit thread Russian company "West Transnefteprodukt" already compensated. Extent of the harm done to the environment, in general, is not yet known, says Deputy Minister of Natural Resources Galina Volchuga:
"We are still in the first case can not count the loss. Since it is very difficult work. As for the second case, only now calculated the area of the tragedy. Separately in the air, on the water separately, separately on the ground. If all this is calculated here then will known loss. But there is not that close. One can say that it does not have the scale that the first case. "
As told the Ministry of Emergency Situations, all in the pipeline "Unecha-Ventspils" it was about 10 cases vytsyakannya oil. Half of them — illegal prarazanne adpampovvannya pipes for fuel.

Rupture of the pipeline "Unecha-Ventspils" in Beshankovitskim area also occurred on March 23 at the village Bytsava. As a result of the tragedy spilled 100 tons of diesel fuel. Part of the oil got into the river authority, administering justice, and through it — the Western Dvina. It became prerequisite river pollution not only on the ground of Belarus, and Latvia.

Chap. also

• From the pipeline "Unecha-Ventspils" resulted from 500 to 1000 tons of fuel
• The Russians agreed to pay the consequences of the tragedy in the pipeline
• Latvia will claim compensation from Belarus

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