Belarus finds oil in Iran

Is independent socio-political newspaper "Comrade" writes about preparing for the next congress of the Communist Party of the democratic direction, as the Congress of Democratic Forces of Belarus.
Main article of the newspaper "Comrade" written by Dr. Ivan Nikitchanka. He talks about the environmental hazard Belarus after the Chernobyl tragedy. According to the creator, power failures in the rehabilitation of people yearly increment loss of population in half.
In most fresh room "BelGazeta" journalist Viktor Martinovich associates the current situation in Kiev with the political events in Minsk in 1996, the year.
Martinovic: "Of course, that situation — like. At 96-year Belarussian president tried to disperse the parliament. Very manye depended on the Constitutional Court. Also present opposition in parliament and could do something. Do an analysis of what the total in the situation, but what is the difference in the action. "
Now the newspaper "Belarusians and Market" published an analytical article Tatiana Manyanok. Creator explore exit options nafataperapratsovki industry from the crisis:
Manyanok: "Belarus is trying to start projects in Azerbaijan, Iran, Venezuela. According to my information, foreign investments — about 1 second billion dollars in each project. "
Newspaper "Chatter", which applies to the Brest region, reports the start of construction of a new railway station in Belaaziorsk for trains and buses. Journalist Dmitry Tretiak says that shelter for public transport is prepared as a gift for the 50th anniversary of the founding of the town of Power:
"At the moment, at the railway station there is a technical office for the staff. If it’s snow or rain, the people do not even where to sit."
Non-government publication "Chatter" writes about the closing for repairs dorm dyarzhuniverstytetu Brest. On the social consequences of states created by Paul Belous article:
"The students themselves will find housing for themselves. This is not very badabout because paying for a hostel — 15 thousand rubles this month. If rent an apartment, you pay for it about 100 bucks. Decent in not much. "

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