Belarus — France. Political and economic affairs

President Lukashenko’s visit to France in 1996, during which he held talks with President Chirac, was only official visit Managing Belarus today in western Europe for always his reign. After the trip, Lukashenko said that presidential power in Belarus be attached to the French standard.
In November 1996, Belarus has a constitutional referendum, which significantly strengthened the authority of the head of the country. France did not recognize the legitimacy of the State Assembly, formed on the results of the referendum. French side also refused to enact an agreement of understanding and cooperation, signed by President Lukashenko and Chirac.
In 1998, during the diplomatic conflict, associated with the eviction of the ambassadors of the EU and the U.S. with their residences in the village of "Space Invaders" salting France, together with colleagues from other EU states and the U.S. ambassador, left Belarus. Paris then considered the possibility of a complete rupture of diplomatic relations with Minsk.
In 1999, cases were normalized, but the political dialogue has developed not very active.
In contrast to the political sphere, economic affairs 2-states spread quite successfully. The volume of mutual trade has increased from 85 million dollars in 1995 to 473 million dollars last year.
Last year, France was the 11th in the world in the midst of trade partners of Belarus on total turnover and 6th place — on the volume of imports. Virtually all the last decade of Belarus had a small negative balance of trade with France, last year it was 68 million dollars.
The total volume of French investments in the Belarusian economy in the last five years was about 6 million bucks in Belarus recorded 40 commercial companies with the role of the French capital.
Examples in the midst of an economic, cultural interaction should also miscalculated criticism advertising Lukashenko in Minsk. According to the Belarusian leader, in the capital at every intersection hung "French women from the filthy persons".
A.Milinkevich Victory Sarkozy is very crucial for the democratic forces of Belarus

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